Monday, December 27, 2010


OH MY HELL.... I'm overly bored at work with quite literally nothing to keep me occupied.. I had to go t a new center and my heavens is it the slowest flippin center...... BOOORRRING! so yeah I Figured I'd write about how wonderful my Christmas was. its always amazing to be around family and show how much we care about those around us. I wish i had been able to go to Church on Sunday I feel like this year i really missed the entire meaning of Christmas because i wasn't able to hear all the wonderful holiday lessons and sing the Christmas hymns in church. which are my favorite hymns... Thus I've decided that next year I'm going to listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas songs the entire season instead of the commercialized Christmas songs... GOAL! but i guess since that's not until next year I will settle with listening to only church music on Sunday before church! :) GOAL!.. anyways.. I should have been back at my own center almost an hour ago.... SOOO bored... bored bored bored.. I really even have nothing to write about... at all........ LAME ooohhh I know! I got an Audrey Hepburn book in the mail called "what would Audrey do?" and I'm super excited to start reading it, ONCE i finish the count of Monte Cristo which I am soooo close to the close.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

**** UPDATE!

LOL sooo update on my face. It was Emphantigo. Gross. Anyways its basically an overly nasty thing that got on my face. Luckily It went away within about a week after i got my meds from my great uncle, and then Rachel's wonderful mom Alice told me to get cortizone cream to put on it! they are a couple if life savers!!! :) my face still kind of has some red spots on the corners of my mouth but they aren't too bad... So that's a nice lil update with that!

NEXT on the list

I GOT TO GO TO DISNEYLAND!! not only did I get to spend an awesomely fun weekend with my cousins I also was able to to see WORLD OF COLOR and can I just say that it was BEAUTIFUL! a total tear jerker! Well at least I teared up because it flooded my memory with all my favorite childhood memories with my family and all the fun times that Disney has brought into my life. Sounds cheesey but it totally has and continues to do so!


Its pretty sweet it even has my picture on it and everything... cept its an awful picture but hey it happens! haha so yeah I'm official! .. Now to pay off those student loans.. YUCK!


OH can i just say that I truly and enjoy my job. The Lemon-faced b*itches have calmed down and are even nice to me now! Holy Moly! and during this Christmas holiday Clients have given me almost $200 worth of Money/Gift Cards Etc. to show their appreciation for all that I do. WOW! feels good to get recognized so nicely! I really do enjoy my job! It makes me feel productive, I get to meet new people, and the money isn't too bad either! ;)

SO anyways now is the time I would like to talk about all the wonderful people in my life that makes living worth it! (this is in no apparent order)

#1 My Family! Big shout out to my Dad for loving me unconditionally and always making sure that I never go with out everything I need and a lil extra :P He truly is a great Dad and I have so many memories with him that I would never give up for anything. He truly shows me what the word patients means (except when it comes to food :P) I admire my Dad in so many ways that I couldn't possibly name them all.

Shout out #2 to my MOM... I know you have heard me say it a bajillion times but here goes. YOU ARE MY HERO. no other ways to say it than that. Through all that you have gone through and endured you have done it with a smile on your face, hiding from everyone how hard it really is for you to put on that smile and be happy and go on with daily life. I admire your courage and the strength that you show. Most of all I admire your unwavering Faith in the Lord. It boggles me that you could Go through Cancer one year and then the next year lose your legs and still have so much faith and love for our Heavenly Father. Not once have i ever heard you curse the Lord when so many would blame him for your tragedies. Where as you thank him for saving you and making you stronger. I don't think you will ever know how much I truly look up to and I have no idea what I would do with out you giving me advice ever day and letting me call and cry to you when I am upset over lil dramas. You mean the world to me!!!

#3 STEVIE... OH STEVIE... You. you and I have gone through some rough times, whether it was you stealing my spot as the youngest, Biting my chest, stealing my clothes and then insisting they were yours, you always knew how to get under my skin and you were good at it too! (still are) but what I would like to tell you now is that I'm sorry for never letting you play with me, I'm sorry for making you watch while we all played barbies, I realize now that I was truly horrible I was to you sometimes, unable to realize that all you really wanted was to play with me. Well we are way past that now. You a my lil sister. I love you so much and whether i like to admit it or not I look to you in so many ways. You are so fun and spunky and im envious of your ability to bring Life and fun to every situation! LOVE YOU PEEBERS!

#4 SETTY!!!! MY SETTY! You are the BEST big sister anyone could have ever asked for. I cannot explain how great it feels to have a lil big sister that I can beat up on and she still loves me! :) You are the sweetest person I know you simply have a wonderful heart and you are such an example to me on how to be nice to people even when they are pure evil to you. I look up to you in more ways than you know! I admire you for your ability to see the good and beauty in everyone. Your artistic skills are out of this world and I am secretly envious of your ability to express your feelings with lil pictures that you draw and send through text message :) you're my big sister and if anyone ever has anything negative to say about you i would immediately ruin their lives for even having the idea to put you down. You re amazing and you don't even know it! :)

#5 Rob, My dear brother in law! We all know that you and I don't exactly see eye to eye on most things but when we do agree we agree to the fullest! I enjoy your company and know that you are the perfect guy for my older sister. Who else could handle her childlike and mushy ways except for you. You embraced our crazy family to the fullest and we appreciate you for who you are. It makes it even better that you LOVED Disneyland as much as we do! :) I know that you will always take care of my big sister and if you don't you know that you'll have me to answer to! BAHAHA

#6 My Bestie/Roomie Rachel Taylor!

You are FIRST my Best Friend and then roommate. Rachel words cannot express how much i freakin love you! You have been there for me this past year so much and I know that i can talk to you anytime I need and you'll be there to listen and let me vent. I appreciate everything you do for me. I love that your family makes me feel like i am one of the family and I love them all sooo much. It makes living far from my family a lot easier knowing that anytime I needed to your mom would make me dinner or your brothers would help us with unload furniture. I love that you let me play with your nieces and nephews as if they were my own since my older sister is a lil slow on the baby makin! :) You and your family make my life in Arizona as fun as it is and I am sooo grateful for you and them. LOVES YOU!!!


I freakin love you girl. you are my BFFF we have had soo many fun times together whether it was failing astronomy, skateboarding, tanning, drive-in movies, or just sitting on Greg's couch watching TV and Jolie. I could never describe how much these times have brought joy to my life and I know that we will have many more where those came from! You and I can just sit and do absolutely nothing and be completely entertained. We make up scenarios where we talk out what we would say if this happened and what not and our schemes never go according as planned but it doesn't matter because whatever we do together we have fun together. LOVE YOU!

#8 Cherisa and Brenna. You two have been my best friends since high school and that will never change. Whether we see each other once or twice a year it doesn't matter because when us three get back together its like nothing nothing ever changed. Your the best friends I've ever had and I love you both with all my heart. You are my sisters!!!! Brenna You're already married and starting your life with a great guy! and Cherisa will be next! I am soo happy for both of you and I know that no matter how far away we are or in how many different states we will stay Best Friends!!!! I love you girls!!!!!!

#9 My cousins!

All my cousins!!! You girls are the greatest! Growing up with you all was the best time of my life! I love you guys soo much and I know that when everyone else fails me you girls will always be there for me!! Tannie and Whit you are my AMIGOS!! :) I will forever love and appreciate you guys!!! there's not much i can say except that you are amazing and I know that I sometimes don't show my appreciation to all of you but i hope you know that nothing and nobody could replace you girls!!!

To all my other friends:
I love you all and i think you're all amazing! Everyone that I have met this year has changed me in one way or another! Thank you for all the fun times!! Lets rock the rest of the year and next post you hear about my new years resolutions! WOO!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010


I have a rash, no no no its not like that!!!! As long as I can remember every time I had a LITTLE bit of stress in my life I would break out into some obnoxious rash!
Exhibit A- Freshman year. My first time ever experiencing finals. Having teachers tell me constantly that my entire life goals depended on how i did on my finals(liars) i was also in harder classes than originally planned because all my friends were smarter than me(fact) soooo oh and Cheer tryouts were starting and I really wanted to be on Varsity. All this added up to a single red circle on my back. Now it being circular and us cheerleaders having the wrestlers always practicing on our mats made us automatically assumed that it was ring worm. Sooo i put ringworm stuff on it for a while.. then I noticed that "huh, weird there is another one kind of right beside it." (oh, in the meantime the 1st one grew to be about the size of a fifty-cent piece, if anyone can remember what those even look like anymore) then came the rush, practically over night my whole body was covered in lil tiny red spots that itched. so i went to my uncle kennard (the doctor) and he told me it was some weird thing caused from stress that started with "the mother ship" and then it "spawned its babies" soooo long story short I got some meds and it cleared up in about a week.
Exhibit B- Junior year- Who knows what the hell i was supposed stressed about but one day i find this red thing on right arm it kinda looked like a Zit, thus i popped it, it scabbed over... and just kinda never healed.... sooo I would try and clean it with stuff and what would it do? scab over and get a lil bigger.. this went on for about at least a month until finally my mom was like "hmmm, maybe we should get that looked at" sooo what did it turn out to be? Some weird that that horses(yes horses) get. sooo my uncle had to scrape the scab off and put some stuff on it and then yup prescribe me more pills
Exhibit C- Last week.. I get a weird looking lip zit right at the corner of my mouth on the left side of my face, it has a white head soo i pop it... then it gets really really dry i mean like super dry like the skin is flaking off and its kind of spreading i did everything, lotion, neosporin, and all kinds of stuff to keep it good but nothing worked. then i noticed it starting on the other side. I am not gonna deal with this thus i beg my uncle to just prescribe me something. and him being the great uncle he is he did. Lets hope it works if not i will soon resort to having a bag over my head at work until this strange frickin ugly thing decided to leave my face... It better not Scar or i will be pissed. I have had awesome complexion my entire life and I will be furious if i get some nasty freakin scars just because my body can't handle stress... Oh the frustrations of life!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


SO as I was sitting at my desk at work the other day I saw tons of people/clients wear ring their "I VOTED" stickers, and I thought to myself "GOOD FOR THEM" as the day went on people would randomly ask me if I've voted.. i would give my regular shpill like i always do around voting time " I'm originally from New Mexico so I have to do an absentee vote... yaddy yadda yadda" and then I realized.... I have NEVER. EVER. Voted in my life!!!!! What is wrong with me????? I'm 22 years old and I've never voted??? i feel as if I don't care about politics at all ( not true) I actually do care. I think its because I'm never in NM anymore and such.

AAAND on a side note while I am blogging at work. There are 2 bitches. Yes I wrote bitches. That work on the same floor as I do, They are one of the many companies that I play receptionist for. and when I say many. Try there are 75 offices on my floor that I am receptionist to along with with 150 VIRTUAL offices. Sorry that I can't remember you yet... sorry you're ugly bitchy faces are not memorable enough for me remember. I've only been here 3 weeks... get a grip. Don't think you are so superior because you are a lame Intern to a law office. No one thinks you're that cool..... Did i mention these 2 are bitches... oh and you're located right around the corner of my desk... I can hear you talk exasperatedly about how i still don't know who you are.... you aren't worth my time.... Bitches.

Monday, November 1, 2010



I had so much fun! it was an exhausting trip well worth it! :) first of all we didn't leave anywhere near on time the first night, we ended up not leaving until 10:30 meaning we got into LV at 3:30! :) I drove half the way but then I had to have Ty relieve me I was getting sleepy! He was such a trooper all weekend! :) so then we woke up at 9 the next morning... yes 9 don't ask me why! and we all had a great day hanging out, we got all dressed up in all of our SWEET costumes and then went to a super fun Halloween party, with beating hearts, crime scenes, and JUST DANCE on the WII! (might I interject right here that Rachel, Travis, and Ty had the best performance of the night!!! :) then we all went to the strip and wouldn't you know it.. WE RODE THE NEW YORK NEW YORK ROLLERCOASTER! it was a fantastical time what with all of us in our costumes we were quite the sight to see!!! (Did I mention that I have the best group of Friends?) so then we all went and walked the strip and tried to see the lights at the belagio.. we didn't make it in time soooooo then we all walked back and went to bed LOL. The next day we slept in until noon.. holy moly how time flew! we then went and ate at the wonderful Cafe Rio and as much as it pains me to say it..... they definitely had better tortillas than my beloved Costa Vida... sigh... oh well I still am addicted. We then went back to the strip.. and after some MINOR confusion we finally all arrived at the FRIGHT DOME.... where we were greeted with some of THE SCARIEST CLOWNS I HAVE EVER IN MY LIFE BEEN FOLLOWED BY. thats right folks i said clowns that FOLLOW YOU..... and scare you and pick on you even more if you show that you are scared... needless to say they literally cornered us for a good 5 minutes. SO SCARY, there were rides, and SCARY haunted houses and all kinds of good stuff. Time flew by and before we knew it it was 10:00 and we still hadn't left Vegas, time flew again and all of a sudden it was time for us to leave.
SOOOO we skidadled on out of Vegas around 12:30, my wonderful friends Meredith and Rachel drove while i slept in the back. we arrived at 6:10 a.m. in Queen Creek, I got ready and Left at 7 a.m. for an exhausting day at work.... I LOVE MY LIFE!!! :) PICTURES TO COME SOON! XOXO

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear You...

Dear You,
No, You don't know who you are, no I will probably never tell you who you are, but I just wanted to tell the infinite no one here on the Internet that YOU!, YES YOU! are such a disappointment in my life. Call me a fool maybe for thinking Anything might happen but sheesh you don't tell a girl the things you told me and then not expect her to think she stands a chance. I mean really?! Oh and for your information MY personal Level of Spirituality has absolutely NOTHING to do with you. so please you don't need to ask people about me, you don't need to hint to people that you think I am headed down the "Wrong" path. I certainly will no longer be asking about you. You can stop looking at my photos on Facebook if you find them so "Inappropriate" I didn't know that you had never been to a beach before and seen people in swimsuits. (sarcasm intended) Fact is I am happy with who I am, I don't feel I need to overcompensate, or PROVE my "character" I'm Fine with me and I'm good at being me. But who are you? do you even remember anymore? Because I sure don't. But best of luck. you seem to be fine so what am I complaining about? who knows? this is just a little ranting that gets to go into the abyss of the Internet never read, just an account of my random babbling in MY RANDOM LIFE.
XOXO--- Me.

AAAAAH.. Stress

My life is one big ball of stress... I guess technically not really but it seems that way when you go from doing absolutely nothing for a month to working all day. So I love my job super fun and I work with fellow choco-holics like myself, what could be better? But last night I was a little stressed becasue I had to get to work a little earlier than usual.. so being ther esponsible adult tha I am i went to bed early even though what i really wanted to do was stay up and watch a movie with my besties. so I got to bed. Then When I wake up I check my phone, convinced tha I had over slept I ran into my bathroom and started to get ready for work, I turned my starightener on, did my makeup, started on my hair, when I had the weird feeling that I sgould check the time.... and what do you know.. It was only 12:20 at night. I still had another 5 hours of sleep before I even needed to wake up for work. Sigh. that os my life BNAHAHAHA i was sooo embarrassed I thought about waking Rachel up and telling her my funny story but I decided that there was no reason for BOTH of us to be awake i just went back to sleep. telling myself that I am and Idiot and losing my mind... Now I porbably wouldn't have felt as bad if i hadn't done 2 more spacey things that night... I wont go into detial but one thing was I had completely missed an social topic that my friends had been talking about in front of me for the past two weeks so when I brought that subject up as if it was new news... they laughed. I did too. Then I ran bak and forth from my car and my apartment about 6 times each time forgetting a crucial item, such as my wallet, then my keys, then I wasn't sure if i locked the apartment, and so on... ya catch my drift?

So I've decided to blame the above issues on my apparant exhaustion. I quite literally am tired constantly, its really my own fault though I'm trying to have a social life and a work life... they dont usually go hand in hand during the week. and normally I would get my rest on the weekend however I am very busy on the weekends for example, LAST weekend was my cousin Tanith's wedding in Farmington a trip soo worth it that i would have given up all my sleep to make sure I was there for her! :) then there is this weekend I am going to Vegas for Halloween HECK YES! no way I am missing out on that. and then the weekend after that I am headed to El Paso for some serious UTEP fun! :) Now I know what you're thinking "WHOA Aubry SLOW DOWN" but not it doesn't stop there, the weekend after that I will wonce again be heading out of town to Prescott Arizona to Judge the AIA Cheer and Pom State Competition. :) Oh how i have missed my cheer times! and now they are back!... so anyways now I bet you are wondering "Wow Aubry! How are you accomplishing all of these great things?" The answer is..... DRUM ROLL PLEASE.. BADADADADADADADADAD....
ROCKSTAR ENERGY .. jk I've only drank once since I started working (turns out that was my most up beat day... go figure) so the RAEL answer is.... IDK i guess I just lose my mind on a daily basis and then try and find it again.... OH WELL such is life.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ah. Marriage.

MaWage, MaWage is What Bwings us TogeVAR Today.....

TANITH IS MARRIED!!! HOLY MOLY! She is no longer a Stradling! she is officially an Applegate! :) Her wedding was the most beautiful thing in the world. It was to a "T" the perfect Tanith and Joe Wedding, from the beautiful fun colors down to the awesome Converse shoes! ;) It was all original and fun. It was wonderful being able to watch her get ready and see the excitement taht she was going through. I love my new cousin family! :) the Applegate's are so fun! Tanith couldn't have picked a better family to marry into! YAY for Love!
This is Whit and I helping Tannie go "Potty" before the ceremony! :)

Coming soon is a Video of us singing a song dedicated to our dear Cousin Tanith that we love so much. She has brought so much happiness into my life and has been there for me when I felt alone and betrayed. Tanith is such an amazing bolt of sunshine in my life and I'm so happy that she found the perfect guy to compliment her amazing spirit. Joe is so perfect for Tanith is more ways than i could ever describe! :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hooray for me I got a job! I am officially an employee of Regus Co. Ever heard of it?...... Ta me either until I was offered a job there. But before I was offered a job I have to go through 3 interviews, one with the Lady, one with the Guy, and 1 with a TV screen.(aka webcast interview) so anyways I was finally offered a job at the building sight on camelback.... now I know what you're all thinking... doesn't she live in queen creek? why yes I drive an hour and 10 minutes everyday in traffic.... woot woot and we are nt just talking im on the road for that long oh no normally it would only take me about 45 minutes.. tops to get there, however phx traffic in the Am... SUCKS, however once i get to my job I find that I enjoy it very much! I get to answer phones, clean the break room, clean conference rooms and all kinds of good stuff.... however it just so happens that I was hired in the same week that "corporate" is coming for an inspection, now not to sya that we arent already in tip top condition, but basically this week I have been cleaing and getting things organized alot, which is fun as long as its not MY own Place such as my room lol. but yeah I fully enjoy my job and the people tha I work with. BUUUUT once im done working I get to get in my car and wouldn't you know it I get off at 5, thus meaning that once again the phx highways are as crowded, if not more crowded, as in the morning. so woot I leave the office at 5 and get home around 6:10 everyday, but am I going to complain nope becasue I LIKE my job! woot. but I am going to have to get to bed earlier because I'm EXHAUSTED!! oh yeah and my cousin Tanith is Getting Married this Weekend!!! YAYYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!! I am sooooooooooo happy for her! woot. marriage is a beautiful thing! so yeah Im doing this on my lunch break at work thus i cant because they have the essentails blocked such as google, and FACEBOOK. Thats right folks FB is blocked from my life from 7-6 everyday.. the horror, actually I can get on my phone so I guess its not that bad BHAHAH so yeah this is an update on my life.. pictures will be coming soon of Rachel and Mine's apartment that we love with all of our heart!! yay!

Monday, October 4, 2010


HALLOWEEN.... my 2nd Favorite Holiday. From the time I was little it has always been one of the best holidays! One reason is because umm hello I'm a Holgate and Halloween means tons of free candy, not just Candy.. CHOCOLATE Halloween means lots and lots of free chocolate, and chocolate at Halloween is always the best candy because you know its fresh, (Reese's and Snickers are always better at holidays)

Another great thing about Halloween is for one day you get to pretend to be something you're not. Now for me as a girl that means you get to be the best things like a Princess, or Dorothy. This year however my costume has taken a turn for what others might view as a bit "Creepy" but I'll wait until i can post pictures to talk about that. Oh and to quote from one of my fav. Movies
"Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it. " HA Been there done that this year is going to be EPIC!

Why you ask? Well it could be what I am doing for Halloween this year, Oh sure I could do the classic trick or treat house to house, hand out candy, or go to some ghetto Haunted House....BUT NO this year My Favorite Friends and I are going to... WAIT FOR IT... LAS VEGAS, YUP you read correctly VEGAS BABY for HALLOWEEN, what are we gonna do you ask... well GO TO CHRIS ANGEL OF COARSE what would be better than Chris Angel on Halloween?.. umm maybe a LEGIT HAUNTED HOUSE at Halloween! (DOIN' THAT TOO) in case you didn't get the Jist of this post... HALLOWEEN+LAS VEGAS+ CHRIS ANGEL+ SWEET COSTUME= EPIC WEEKEND!

Donations such as a table, and any other apartment stuff will be accepted! ;) PICS COMING SOON!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Name Is Bond...

The Name is Bond, James Bond. .... WOW what classic lines! Now I have to say that for being such a unique character a lot of actors have played his role! Sure we've all seen the awesome movies full of action, Hotties, and hoochy girls in swimsuits, but where did it all start?

Well according to wikipidia- Commander Sir James Bond is an officer of the British Secret
Intelligence Service (SIS) commonly known as MI6. He was created in Jan. 1952 by British journalist Ian Fleming. So all these awesome books were written that were later turned into awesome Movies. The very first 007 was Sean Connery in Dr. No. He starred in 6 more movies but was then replaced by George Lazenby he played in one film. (who?) Then came Roger Moore(7 films), Timothy Dalton(2 films), and then of coarse Pierce Brosnan. (4 films). Later on came Daniel Craig who has been in 2 films so far. Now so that being that there have been 6 James Bond I decided to take a poll on who was everyone's FAVORITE 007.

(the Drawing is Ian Flemmings Original Sketch of His 007)

IN FIRST PLACE of coarse came the amazing SEAN CONNERY. (he wins my vote hands down)

Not only is he the ORIGINAL he is also the hottest. Sean Connery (according to voters) was the ideal Sexy Manly James. the Ladies Man all the way he truly was the epitome of Bond: Suave Debonair, and always had a quick wit about him. Along with the perfect low British Accent, Thus making him the undefeated Champion of Bond, James Bond.

And in 2nd Place. Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig, according to polls he isn't the "invincible" Bond that everyone is used to making him more a real person to people and according to polls he is "Hot"

NOW as for me personally. I Do Not like Daniel Craig I can't really explain it and I am probably going to bug some people with this but I truly don't think he holds a candle to Sean Connery, not saying that many that came after him could but I mean Idk I don't feel that James would lose sight of his job for a girl, but maybe that would be the writers fault. According to other poll takes Daniel Craig is "Cold" and another said that "Daniel Craig Bothers me For Some reason, I never pictured 007 as a Blonde" SAME HERE POLL TAKER.. SAME HERE.

And Tied in 3rd comes Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan.- Now Roger Moore was hands down a great James Bond. and well Peirce..... You were Hot and had a nice English accent.... Good Enough! LOL i think the reason that I personally picture Brosnan after Connery as James Bond is because he was the Bond when I was growing up, AND have you Played 007 on the old PlayStation.... It was HIM! lol so yes those are our WINNERS!

AND To be nice we will Post the Pics of the other 2 unworthy James Bonds---

George Lazenby as 007

Timothy Dalton as 007

AND a Quick Shout out to My girls who made up their own James Bond (Meredith and Rachel) so here's to JENSON ACKLES and John Mayer as 007.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


HELLO FREEDOM! Everyone! I have finished massage school! holy moly I'm done! passed all my classes and now I'm ready to join the working world... or am I? I sure hope I am! anyways i can't TECHNICALLY get a massage job until I'm licenced which wont be for about another 8 weeks.... BOO! soooo what the crap amd I gonna do for 8 week.... get another job! Suckey I know but i need mula now and can't wait for a massage job! so hopefully i will still be able to massage on the side until i have built up my clientele enough to be able to do massage only! woot!

So yeah this next months hold a lot in store for me!

I am hopefully moving into an apartment with my Bestie Rachel Taylor in Queen Creek!! where we will be right across the street from My other Bestie Meredith Mitchell! oh the joy and fun that will be in Queen Creek! Hell Yes! So yeah life is great and then I get to go home for my cousin Taniths wedding! that will be an awesome time! and the whole time i will be searching for a job! YAY! oh the wonders and adventures that lay before me!

But on a lighter note Rachel pointed out to me the other day something quite humerus in my book. Ties. Who the crap made up the Tie? Who said that if they tie a long piece of fabric around their neck into a confusing knot that it will make them look "nice" or "Professional"? So i googled it! :) and sources say!!!

Yahoo Answers Said:

They originated in Croatia in the 1600s. Most people believe they were a symbol of love and devotion not to mention fidelity from loved ones to soldiers that were on their way to war. They probably looked more like a scarf back then and evolved into what they are today.

Where as says:

Who created the first business suit?The well-dressed man about town should wear clothes that are simple, functional and discreet, George Bryan "Beau" Brummell commanded in the early 19th century. By advocating well-cut, tailored clothes, Brummell essentially invented what has come to be known as the "British look"
Brummell rejected 18th century frills. His mandate, a dark blue coat, buff-coloured pantaloons and waistcoat, black boots and a clean white neck cloth, survives today as the dark business suit, white shirt and silk tie.

So there you have it of coarse the Tie didn't come from America.. we don't ever make anything up on our own. LOL but why is it considered Fancy? because royalty could afford the silk and the poor people couldn't. Neat right?

Monday, August 30, 2010

One Month Left...

Okay folks I have endured 8 months of massage therapy school. I can say that holy cow its a lot harder than I thought it would be. I didn't know that when they said I would have to learn anatomy they meant that I would have to DEVOUR my anatomy book and learn the body inside and out along with a whole bunch of pathology! but I can honestly say that I could go to ANY University and be able to pass the anatomy course. Besides all the struggle of learning everything I really do fully enjoy massage therapy and hope to be able to find a job at a spa. I prefer what is called "Fluff and Buff" massage AKA Relaxation Massage because it is relaxing and the most mentally beneficial sometimes all people need in this world is to step back and take themselves out of the world and RELAX what better way than to get a massage?
Besides all the Learning and such and school getting in the way of my social life I fully enjoyed all of it, mainly due to the people I was in school with. I could never have done it without my friends in class making it enjoyable to go to school AKA SARAH and JORDAN and all the other friends made along the way! I will truly miss seeing everyone's [well mostly everyone's ;)] faces every day and having some of the funnest and most random discussion possible. School would have been unbearable without you! Oh and Of coarse I have to acknowledge my 2 besties when even though they tried their hardest to get me to skip (and succeeded more than once :P) they always understood and encouraged me to succeed! Also My parents for allowing me to follow a weird Whim to go to the most expensive school possible and enroll. They always support me in everything I have EVER wanted to do and that means more to me than anything. I truly have no idea where life will lead me after school but I do know that it will be just another adventure and I will have the people that matter the most backing me up the whole way! :) lol this seems like a speech for some achievement I just hope that after I post this some crazy something doesn't happen and I don't end up graduating! ;) we shall see!!!!!!! :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Who was the Zac Efron of the 90's?

On a calm Sunday night my cousin Whitney and I were laying bed watching TV Land. As we watched the incredibly awesome show HOME IMPROVEMENT, with Funny man Tim Allen and 90's Teen Hunk JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) She and I began to reminisce on how obsessed we were with him and Hot we thought he was. Embarrassingly enough I had a poster of him hidden in the back of my closet behind my dresses for way longer than was natural! He had beautiful perfect hair that flowed awesomely. We then began to wonder who was like him now.. and then it hit! HOLY CRAP JTT AND ZAC EFRON were practically one and the same! JTT was the Zac Efron of the 90's... or is it Zac Efron is the JTT of today?! lol anyways it was just one amazing realization!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Brenna's Wedding

Pictures From Brenna and Kyles Beautiful Wedding!! :)

Cherisa and I in our sweet Shades

Cherisa, Brenna and I Friends Forever! <3>
My Mom made these 2 awesome cakes!

The Bridesmaids

The Ladies!! :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A drawback......

So I Love what I'm going to school for, Massage therapy is great and I enjoy it! however it has a minor drawback that is somewhat of a huge drawback to me. Now i know what you're thinking, yes Feet are often dirty and hairy, and yes old men randomly hit on me, AND YES some peoples body odor is often too much to handle, BUT i have gotten over all those phobias and am quite used to them now, However its nails.... I love having long nails and painting my nails and getting them done and the whole shabang. ALAS long nails are unacceptable in massage therapy and for good reason too not only do we not want to be accidentally scratching the crap out of our clients but we also don't peoples nasty dead skin under our nails. EEW! but oh the joy of painting and manicuring really do love it having fun expressing myself through my hands! LOL yea this is a random post but since I've been on my two week break I've noticed how much i missed painting my nails! I'm even losing the ability to do so on my right hand by myself, that talent alone took years to perfect. However Once school starts again for my FINAL SEMESTER (jumps up and down for joy) I will be cutting my nails at least twice a weak and removing all nail polish. Basically all I have left is my toes and they get painted at least every other week... and NOBODY gets to even see the beautiful colors because I must wear close toed shoes at school also but at least i know that they are there. So this is my random post about painting my nails and toes.
xoxo Aubs!

P.S. These are NOT my hands LOL

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

If I Didn't Care...

Basically This scene comes From the movie Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Its one of my Favorite movies ever! this is easily the best scene out of the whole thing but it also made me fall in love with this song. The original song is sung by The Ink Spots but many people have covered it. and this is my favorite version of the song! :) Amy Adams and Lee Pace have great voices! so anyways this is the Best youtube has to offer for this song haha so anyways I encourage people to watch it!

4th of July

I went home for a couple weeks and stayed until the 3rd technically and drove back to phx on the 4th with my cousin Kenzie! here are some pics of that night! :)

Joe, Tannie, and ME

Kenzie and I
ME and My MOM!
Ha my Dad took his glasses off so there wouldn't be a glare :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rehearsal Dinner

These are some pics from the delicious rehearsal dinner! The food was great and the company was Better! :)
The Bride and her Bridesmaids
Me messing around with the flowers lol
Cherisa and I (wind blowin' my hair.. Blast! lol)

Bachelorette Party!

So My VBCF Brenna Tubb is now Brenna Price. LOL She got married to an awesome Guy named Kyle Price on Saturday the 26th. BUT before that was all the super fun bachelorette stuff! here are some fun pics!Cherisa and I
Trish and I
Such Lovely Ladies
LOL what could that be?
The Bride!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

What are the Odds???!!

So as i was bored out of my mind i decided to look up who the singer was of one of my favorite songs ever... Paperweight- by Schuyler Fisk and Joshua Radin. So I found the video and I was like.. "wow that girl looks like the girl in Orange County!" Thus i began my search... Sure enough it is! so What are the odds that the singer of one of my favorite songs would be an actress in one of my favorite movies! Crazy right?

So that is a clip of one of the funniest movies ever!

AND THAT! was the video of one of my favorite songs ever!

..... By now I'm sure you've noticed that I'm pretty dang bored and unable to focus on my ridiculous HW. However little coincidences like this really do make me very happy. And if you haven't seen Orange County you should because I feel like it is a very over-looked movie that basically rocks.

Well I guess that's all I have to blog about today... my life is super busy and yet still very boring at the same time.... weird how that happens.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Little Random thoughts for you...

Lets see, I've tried posting an incredibly witty post for the past few days but something malfunction and there was always an error, THUS resulting in the loss of my oh so clever thoughts and decisions on life. And now hoping that this one will post i am now going to talk about a VERY disturbing video I saw today in class.
Now I've always heard that Mcdonalds food isn't real food, Ive heard the horror stories about how they get thier meat and all that jazz. Now I PERSONALLY have hated McDonald's ever since my first year coming back from girls camp my older sister and I got stuck riding back with some lady we didn't know whose car smelled like cigarette smoke. She bought us McDonald's Chicken nuggets which was very nice of her. Now IDK if it was the awful combination of the smell, being in the car, and the horrible chicken that i felt forced to eat, But i ended up puking on the side of the road that day and really haven't had McDonald's since (except for the occasional Breakfast cinnamon rolls) Then today in school our teacher was talking about nutrition and how horrible fast food is. Now I completely agree that fast food is probably the worst things that we can put in our bodies its absolutely horrible. But I am a poor starving college student so forgive me if i have the occasional Taco Bell and Cup-o-noodles for lunch in between classes. anyways what i am getting down to is that MCDONALDS = NASTY! I mean really this video disgusted me!

This video basically shows it all. I know that my kids will never be having McDonalds and I dont plan to either. I have broken my Burger King addiction as well, all that I have to give up is My coca-cola. AAAAH Coca-Cola.. I love it! I really do but it is probably destroying my insides. Now i dont think I will ever FULLY give it up, but what I can do is drink in moderation. I don't have to give it up for good, as long as i only have the occasional soda instead of what used to be my Daily 3 :) another video to let you know what you are drinking! ( By the way Alkaline is GOOD water!)

Monday, May 17, 2010

GLEE part 2

Whit, Bri and I
Halo/Walkin' on SunshineIt's My Life/ ConfessionsBust Your Windows (yeah they brought out the car)I don't remember what song this was but it was GOOD :)

Glee Concert!

As many of you know I am full obsessed with Glee. And I was able to go to the Glee Live concert this past weekend... BE JEALOUS! lol it was pretty much amazing. I think every single vocalist on the show is simply amazing, but of coarse Lea Michele AKA Rachel Berry is pretty much has the most amazing voice I have had the HONOR of hearing live! Now since there is simply no contest between the girls against Rachel I will move on to my favorite discussion of the Boys. Now I think that it is practically amazing that Kurt is able to sing as high as he does. And Arty is just simply awesome also! But the real battle is between Finn and Puck. Now because I believe that both of these boys have equally beautiful voices I will now discuss their characters on the show. Now Finn is easily the boy that I would go for in "real life" he is sweet, funny, cute, and an awesome singer. BUT my not so secret obsession with Puck has grown even more since I have seen him LITERALLY maybe 7 feet away from me ( he came down in the audience) anyways his cocky attitude, paired with his crooked smile is enough to make any sensible girl swoon. And then there is the Mohawk. Normally I would not be attracted to a boy with a Mohawk, BUT Pucks' simply tops off his total "bad-ass-ness" lol he is officially "number WA-" on my list.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shoes!!!!... Addiction? Maybe, Problem... I THINK NOT!!!

I recently went shoe shopping to help a friend pick out some shoes.. and I have decided... I am a Shoe-whore. Its a fact. I love all shoes. My obsession is no longer limited to Heels, Oh no. It has definitely expanded to so much more. Tennies, Flats, Sandals, Flip-flops, Wedges, boots, and heels all have a catagory in my life. Then I decided to count the number of shoes I have and then put them in their specific categories, then I realized I left some shoes at home. So my this is an in-accurate calculation but it will have to do for now.

17 Heels- (GORGEOUS)

10- Flats (SO SHINY!!!!! :D)

9- Tennies- (Make fun if you want but I Love 'em)

7 Sandals- (NEW pair)

3 boots- (My Black Winter boots LOL )


2 wedges - (Go With any jeans! )

So that's adds up to 51 pairs of shoes..... WOW 51. and thats not counting the few pairs I have given to my lil sister recently. Why do I love shoes so much. Its almost an addiction I walk into a shoe store and I immediately get very excited and want to put on and buy every single pair. it seems to be mostly with heels though... Heels make my world go round. If i could i think I would wear heels everyday. However this idea doe not go along with my choice profession. Now that I know how many pairs I own, I am also beginning to wonder how much money I have spent on shoes. Now I know for a fact that the most i have spent is $80 on a pair for my sisters wedding. they are gorgeous (FYI) but really i mean. I know that each of them is in a round about at least 25 dollars each. (for the heels) so that adds up to about $425.00 JUST for the heels. woo wee. Now granted some of them could have been less, and some could have been more. thats just about the average i spend on my heels considering I usually get them on sale and at TARGET :) then I thought about the tennies.... I'm going to leave out my cheer shoes because i technically got those for free from the college so that leaves 6 pairs of tennies I'm gonna say were give or take $15 dollars each. $90. not bad. for 6 pairs. boots... 25 each = $75. Flats..... I'd say around 15 each again = $150. sandals id say.... $13- $91, Now I DO go cheap with my flip flops so im gonna say they were only like 7.50 = $22.50, wedges- $25= $50. SO adding all that up = (give or take) $903. 50......... SHEE WIZZZZ. I think I have a problem. especially since I was estimating pretty low on these numbers. BUT I can say that I do get good use out of all my shoes. AND they make me happy. And in the End.. Isn't that all that matters???!?
Now You may be asking where do i keep all these shoes... Well I have a box under my bed, and a couple shoe racks, my closet floor, My Room floor, and a huge laundry basket in my closet. I also have a few pairs in my car come to think of it. ;)