Wednesday, May 7, 2014


There is a saying, I'm sure you all have heard it but for the sake of blogging, let me repeat it to you...
"When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade"
Well, I've been trying to make lemonade for a while, and then I stumbled on something that made soooo much more sense...
AH! NOW that is something I can relate to! I have to say I got a great chuckle from it. and Then I started to think about what the Sugar and Water can be.... I mean I think we all can pick out a WHOLE BUNCH of Lemons:
Money issues, Unemployment, Homeless, Infertility,  Loneliness, Marital problems, Health issues, Etc.
I think we could all sit for days and ponder all the negative things in our lives. I am actually terrible, I have envy issues and I have to work every day to count my own blessings instead of others.
But I digress, Sugar and Water in Life, can be described as simply the "Good things"
Vacations, Parties, Holidays, New Shoes, Pretty Clothes, Etc.

But doesn't that all sound pretty "Worldly" and Superficial?
I thought so too, So I came up with my own sugar and water :)

And yes, I think I'm pretty clever, If you don't....
Don't tell me.

The Sweetest things in life are FREE.... Something or Someone we are born with... FAMILY
Family is the most important thing you can have in life.

My Family is my Strength and my Rock, Also my New Family. My Husbands family is the most supportive and helpful people I've ever met. I couldn't have married into a better family.
Family are the people that when you need them, They're there. When I was younger I took my family for granted, their undying patience with me while I struggled to find my place, not once did I ever doubt that they loved me. Especially when I wasn't treating them the way they deserve. I look back on those times and regret VERY MUCH those times. And I'm not talking about just my immediate family, I have a very large group of cousins, we all grew up together and later in life i took them for granted. Now they are some of the only people who understand EVERYTHING I go through.

Water is something that none of us can live without.
Something that NO ONE, Not just me, But NO ONE can live without is The Gospel of Jesus Christ.
being someone that grew up with the Gospel in my home, Turned away from the Gospel, and then Returned, I can honestly say that My Life would not be complete without the knowledge that I have of the Truth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I can say with my whole heart that it is what keeps me going on days when I'm down, and feeling like I have too many lemons in my lemonade. Those are the days when I stop what I'm doing and read anything I can regarding the Gospel.

The Book of Mormon, Bible, Ensign, and
are my very favorite.

So there you have it, Trials, Family, and the Gospel, are the three things that make Life worth Living!

PS. Update on my life, Jaran and I moved down to Fresno, CA for a month, It didn't work out, Now we are back in Rexburg. (Lemons : P)
XOXO- aubs