Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear You...

Dear You,
No, You don't know who you are, no I will probably never tell you who you are, but I just wanted to tell the infinite no one here on the Internet that YOU!, YES YOU! are such a disappointment in my life. Call me a fool maybe for thinking Anything might happen but sheesh you don't tell a girl the things you told me and then not expect her to think she stands a chance. I mean really?! Oh and for your information MY personal Level of Spirituality has absolutely NOTHING to do with you. so please you don't need to ask people about me, you don't need to hint to people that you think I am headed down the "Wrong" path. I certainly will no longer be asking about you. You can stop looking at my photos on Facebook if you find them so "Inappropriate" I didn't know that you had never been to a beach before and seen people in swimsuits. (sarcasm intended) Fact is I am happy with who I am, I don't feel I need to overcompensate, or PROVE my "character" I'm Fine with me and I'm good at being me. But who are you? do you even remember anymore? Because I sure don't. But best of luck. you seem to be fine so what am I complaining about? who knows? this is just a little ranting that gets to go into the abyss of the Internet never read, just an account of my random babbling in MY RANDOM LIFE.
XOXO--- Me.

AAAAAH.. Stress

My life is one big ball of stress... I guess technically not really but it seems that way when you go from doing absolutely nothing for a month to working all day. So I love my job super fun and I work with fellow choco-holics like myself, what could be better? But last night I was a little stressed becasue I had to get to work a little earlier than usual.. so being ther esponsible adult tha I am i went to bed early even though what i really wanted to do was stay up and watch a movie with my besties. so I got to bed. Then When I wake up I check my phone, convinced tha I had over slept I ran into my bathroom and started to get ready for work, I turned my starightener on, did my makeup, started on my hair, when I had the weird feeling that I sgould check the time.... and what do you know.. It was only 12:20 at night. I still had another 5 hours of sleep before I even needed to wake up for work. Sigh. that os my life BNAHAHAHA i was sooo embarrassed I thought about waking Rachel up and telling her my funny story but I decided that there was no reason for BOTH of us to be awake i just went back to sleep. telling myself that I am and Idiot and losing my mind... Now I porbably wouldn't have felt as bad if i hadn't done 2 more spacey things that night... I wont go into detial but one thing was I had completely missed an social topic that my friends had been talking about in front of me for the past two weeks so when I brought that subject up as if it was new news... they laughed. I did too. Then I ran bak and forth from my car and my apartment about 6 times each time forgetting a crucial item, such as my wallet, then my keys, then I wasn't sure if i locked the apartment, and so on... ya catch my drift?

So I've decided to blame the above issues on my apparant exhaustion. I quite literally am tired constantly, its really my own fault though I'm trying to have a social life and a work life... they dont usually go hand in hand during the week. and normally I would get my rest on the weekend however I am very busy on the weekends for example, LAST weekend was my cousin Tanith's wedding in Farmington a trip soo worth it that i would have given up all my sleep to make sure I was there for her! :) then there is this weekend I am going to Vegas for Halloween HECK YES! no way I am missing out on that. and then the weekend after that I am headed to El Paso for some serious UTEP fun! :) Now I know what you're thinking "WHOA Aubry SLOW DOWN" but not it doesn't stop there, the weekend after that I will wonce again be heading out of town to Prescott Arizona to Judge the AIA Cheer and Pom State Competition. :) Oh how i have missed my cheer times! and now they are back!... so anyways now I bet you are wondering "Wow Aubry! How are you accomplishing all of these great things?" The answer is..... DRUM ROLL PLEASE.. BADADADADADADADADAD....
ROCKSTAR ENERGY .. jk I've only drank once since I started working (turns out that was my most up beat day... go figure) so the RAEL answer is.... IDK i guess I just lose my mind on a daily basis and then try and find it again.... OH WELL such is life.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ah. Marriage.

MaWage, MaWage is What Bwings us TogeVAR Today.....

TANITH IS MARRIED!!! HOLY MOLY! She is no longer a Stradling! she is officially an Applegate! :) Her wedding was the most beautiful thing in the world. It was to a "T" the perfect Tanith and Joe Wedding, from the beautiful fun colors down to the awesome Converse shoes! ;) It was all original and fun. It was wonderful being able to watch her get ready and see the excitement taht she was going through. I love my new cousin family! :) the Applegate's are so fun! Tanith couldn't have picked a better family to marry into! YAY for Love!
This is Whit and I helping Tannie go "Potty" before the ceremony! :)

Coming soon is a Video of us singing a song dedicated to our dear Cousin Tanith that we love so much. She has brought so much happiness into my life and has been there for me when I felt alone and betrayed. Tanith is such an amazing bolt of sunshine in my life and I'm so happy that she found the perfect guy to compliment her amazing spirit. Joe is so perfect for Tanith is more ways than i could ever describe! :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hooray for me I got a job! I am officially an employee of Regus Co. Ever heard of it?...... Ta me either until I was offered a job there. But before I was offered a job I have to go through 3 interviews, one with the Lady, one with the Guy, and 1 with a TV screen.(aka webcast interview) so anyways I was finally offered a job at the building sight on camelback.... now I know what you're all thinking... doesn't she live in queen creek? why yes I drive an hour and 10 minutes everyday in traffic.... woot woot and we are nt just talking im on the road for that long oh no normally it would only take me about 45 minutes.. tops to get there, however phx traffic in the Am... SUCKS, however once i get to my job I find that I enjoy it very much! I get to answer phones, clean the break room, clean conference rooms and all kinds of good stuff.... however it just so happens that I was hired in the same week that "corporate" is coming for an inspection, now not to sya that we arent already in tip top condition, but basically this week I have been cleaing and getting things organized alot, which is fun as long as its not MY own Place such as my room lol. but yeah I fully enjoy my job and the people tha I work with. BUUUUT once im done working I get to get in my car and wouldn't you know it I get off at 5, thus meaning that once again the phx highways are as crowded, if not more crowded, as in the morning. so woot I leave the office at 5 and get home around 6:10 everyday, but am I going to complain nope becasue I LIKE my job! woot. but I am going to have to get to bed earlier because I'm EXHAUSTED!! oh yeah and my cousin Tanith is Getting Married this Weekend!!! YAYYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!! I am sooooooooooo happy for her! woot. marriage is a beautiful thing! so yeah Im doing this on my lunch break at work thus i cant because they have the essentails blocked such as google, and FACEBOOK. Thats right folks FB is blocked from my life from 7-6 everyday.. the horror, actually I can get on my phone so I guess its not that bad BHAHAH so yeah this is an update on my life.. pictures will be coming soon of Rachel and Mine's apartment that we love with all of our heart!! yay!

Monday, October 4, 2010


HALLOWEEN.... my 2nd Favorite Holiday. From the time I was little it has always been one of the best holidays! One reason is because umm hello I'm a Holgate and Halloween means tons of free candy, not just Candy.. CHOCOLATE Halloween means lots and lots of free chocolate, and chocolate at Halloween is always the best candy because you know its fresh, (Reese's and Snickers are always better at holidays)

Another great thing about Halloween is for one day you get to pretend to be something you're not. Now for me as a girl that means you get to be the best things like a Princess, or Dorothy. This year however my costume has taken a turn for what others might view as a bit "Creepy" but I'll wait until i can post pictures to talk about that. Oh and to quote from one of my fav. Movies
"Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it. " HA Been there done that this year is going to be EPIC!

Why you ask? Well it could be what I am doing for Halloween this year, Oh sure I could do the classic trick or treat house to house, hand out candy, or go to some ghetto Haunted House....BUT NO this year My Favorite Friends and I are going to... WAIT FOR IT... LAS VEGAS, YUP you read correctly VEGAS BABY for HALLOWEEN, what are we gonna do you ask... well GO TO CHRIS ANGEL OF COARSE what would be better than Chris Angel on Halloween?.. umm maybe a LEGIT HAUNTED HOUSE at Halloween! (DOIN' THAT TOO) in case you didn't get the Jist of this post... HALLOWEEN+LAS VEGAS+ CHRIS ANGEL+ SWEET COSTUME= EPIC WEEKEND!

Donations such as a table, and any other apartment stuff will be accepted! ;) PICS COMING SOON!