Friday, June 24, 2011

Nothing To Say...

I was determined to Blog tonight... And Yet.. I have nothing to say, I have 3 topics I wanted to blog about that I had written down, but it turns out I am too damn lazy to take the pictures that go along with these posts, so ALAS I shall Simply Say Goodnight and Lets hope this Blogging thing works out better on Sunday!

xoxo- Aubs

P.S. It's Nights like this when I miss my Cat. R.I.P. Squirrel.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Birthday Pics!

Rachel Totally blindfolded me! LOL

My Beautiful Cupcake Cake Made by Rachel's Cousin Emma! :) DELISH!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Is it that Obvious?

So today I was rushed for time while getting ready for work. I had to finish packing for my flight back home, and get ready for work. So I did a quick get ready. I did everything the same except I didnt put on as much eyeliner, or as much "warmth" (you bareminerals people know what i'm talking about.) I didn't think i looked deathly. I also didn't do my hair. I poofed it and put it in a side braid and called it good. *SIDENOTE thats actually more than what i usually do with my hair. normally I just leave it curly for 3 days, no one has to know its the same curls.


(look at this cute tired kitty!!! :)

So then I got dressed. I realized I didnt feel like REALLY trying so I just put on a purple tank and my silver/black flats. I keep my work jackets in my car because Its too damn hot to wear them except when I MUST! So anyways I get to work and realize that I'm wearring silver shoes, with my black jacket with GOLD cuffs... and i thought, MEH it doesnt matter that much. then later on in the day i go to the bathrooma dn actually look at myself. My poof is lopsided, the gold and silver DOES look that bad, and I look like I haven't slept for days. Partly true, but seriuosly pale face? not only do I notice that i look like poo, my boss comes in and the first thing she says to me is " You're looking exceptionally pale today" the only thing I can think of to say is " It's THAT Obvious huh?" hahahahaha
SO yeah clearly I wasn't "just being hard on myself".. I really do look that bad. Oh these are the days.

got me the absolute best birthday gift. She got me SATURDAYS WARRIOR. on DVD.. AAAAND it came with the CD. What more could a girl ask for?! I listened to the cd twice on my way to work. I am happier than anything.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Not for this Time...

I am convinced I was not meant to be born in this Era, Something had to have gone wrong and they sent me down here on the Earth WAY too late. I love everything old. Old Movies, Old clothes, Old Music, All of it is WAY better than today's movies, clothes, and music. Don't get me wrong I enjoy a good comedy these days and love music of today and i even like a lot of the clothes.. HOWEVER. I feel as though life would have been just that much easier and better, even just 50 years ago. I'm also CONVINCED that the Male species was much smarter. I'm convinced that Chivalry is dead. It died when women became obsessed with Feminism. yes, I definitely agree with equality with voting and all the political stuff. I agree that women should be paid just as much as men and all that good stuff. HOWEVER a lil respect please?! OPEN A DAMN DOOR! CALL a GIRL! CALL HER CALL HER CALL HER! ASK her on a Damn date, PLAN the damn date, and then PICK HER UP! WALK TO THE DOOR TO GET HER! If I have one more boy TEXT me and say "I'm outside" I might blow up. Where did chivalry go? and WHY? I personally find it the best thing in the world when a boy opens your door for you whether you're on a date or not. So anyways. I didn't mean for that to turn into another rant about boys sucking. :)

Maybe its just all the old Fun pictures that you see, but I'm convinced that life was better back in the day. Whatever the day was. It is better than now. The music was classier, the movies better. The clothing was just classy. Oh what happened to class?!?

Anyways, I wish I was Gidget. For those of you who have not seen Gidget (the original with Sandra Dee) you should. Its Awesome. Perfect lil summer love story. One of my favs. I should be Gidget. She is a cute lil girl, who becomes friends with a bunch of boys and finds her true love, MoonDoggie (Nickname) And boy is he great. He Sings and Surfs. So Fun! :) What more could you ask for in a carefree life. (yes, I'm convinced the worst problems they had were what swimsuit to wear on which day. : P)
Once again, It could be the great advertisement but i just love the feathered hair look. Oh yeah Farrah, you rocked.  Yes I realize that I just changed to a completely different style and time in life, but as I've said before. It's all better than now. :)

 And Where, OH WHERE! Did Men Like Clark Gable go. So Suave, So Debonair!!! Oh My I was meant to end up with a man like Clark Gable, those eyebrows, that pencil mustache that totally wouldn't work today. I love him. I seriously lust after him in All his old movies. His best character, as I'm sure you ALL would agree, is hands down, Rhett Butler. Oh man Scarlett REALLY F-ed up on that one. HE is CLEARLY one of the most attractive men in the world, and along with that he was COMPLETELY smitten with her. but in the end she waited too long. FOOL.

Basically I just like this last picture a lot because I like books! :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Well here I am. It's June the 14th, 2011 and I am officially 23. WOO HOO!! I would like to fill you in on the plans and Festivities, HOWEVER My wonderful roommate Rachel has made it a suprise and kept it a HUGE secret. Sneaky lil Devil! lol Nonetheless I am SOOOOO EXCITED! haha I'll blog more about tonight, after I know what we did and I'll have plenty of pictures as well! Well So Now I would just like to say that I ahve the Best Family and Friends in the Entire World! I feel the love today!!! :)

So for the rest of the week, Wednesday night I must pack because I fly out of Phoenix on Thursday to go BACK to Farmington for ANOTHER Wedding. This Wedding is for My Best Friend Cherisa! Woo hoo!! her and her fiance Jake are Finally taking the plunge! I'm so happy for them and all the fun wedding plans that I get to be involved with! :) Why, of coarse I'm a Bridesmaid!! :)

Then hopefully life can calm down and I can just chill and stay in town for a while. I plan on spending the rest of the summer in the sun! (as much as possible what with me being an adult and having a job.. Le sigh)

NEWS! Idk if its good news or not but its definitely NEWS! My lil sister wants to move here and go to school. I'm really happy for her and I know that AZ is a wonderful place to be and live. I'm a lil worried though. not that I don't love my lil sister to DEATH and I am really excited, I simply have the feeling that she is going to hang out with me a lot UNTIL she makes her own friends, then she is going to ditch me and I will resent that. Yes, that is my fear.  HOWEVER I am still happy that she wants to live so close to me :) We will ahve so much fun together. We just gotta find her roommates/place to live. So if anyone knows of anything let me know! :)

Welp that is the Update of the Week. WOH! I'm 23!!! :) Thanks to all my Friends and Family that will be helping me celebrate!!! :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Lake Pics!!

Nothing really to say except that these were BEFORE I got sick! lol

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I was sooo Excited.

SO I was sooo excited for this last weekend. Rachel's Family and I were going to the lake, and then after that we were going to have a Peach Festival! and as we all know... Aubry Loves Peaches... MMM  I do. Peach Everything! The color, the taste, the flavor, the smell! :) I love it all!!!

SO I wake up that morning and for some reason feel a little nauseous. So I didn't eat. But I never eat break fast anyways so I knew I would be fine. Then Rachel and I runs some errands.. and then after a few bumps along the way we Finally get to the Lake. We had sooo much fun! I was having so much fun playing with the kids in the water, and Tubing and chilling on the boat! Time flew and I was having sooo much fun. Then we got back to the " beach area" and I realized that I hadn't eaten anything all day... but nothing sounded good and I was really hot and starting to get nauseous again... So I chose to just sit and nibble on pretzels and bread and drink water.  I was trying to cool myself down, when all of a sudden the Nausea hit and it was Bad...

Rachel knew I hadn't eaten all day and her knowing I'm a dum dum, she made me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and told me to eat it.. I had one bite... and it was difficult to swallow.. so I took a drink of water... I took another bite.... Then it hit me.. and It must have hit my face because my friend Poncho says " you look like you're gonna puke".... I jumped up.. tried to look for somewhere to go.. there was no where... People were every where and I was surrounded.. after pacing back and forth I just sat in the sand and started gagging. Luckily Poncho had fast reactions and was looking for a bag for me... he gave it to Rachel who held it to my face.. and I exploded.. Oh boy was it nasty.. straight liquidy water and Squirt (the soda)mixture with some random bits of bread.... HORRIBLE. and the Heat!
Oh the heat was killing me.. I was soo embarrassed and needed something to wipe my face and the only thing anyone could find was Rachel's Friends Towel.. (so embarrassing) so after I was done with that explosion.. we still had to load the boat and all the stuff before we could go anywhere... I live in Phx. AZ Folks... the heat was KILLING ME.... So finally I switched cars with a couple people and was able to sit in the front seat with air blazing. (Poncho gave me this cool blue thing to put around my neck to keep me cool.. It was awesome!) and I slept the whole way back. when we finally got to my car, Rachel drove us home and when I finally got in my own bed.. I immediately passed out.
I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to go to the peach fest. So I was determined to feel better. I told Rachel I was going to take a nap and then if i felt better go... So I was sleeping and slept for a good long time. until about 8. Then all of a sudden I started sweating. and shaking and then.. WHAM! NAUSEA strikes again! and I ran to the bathroom and... I'm sure you know the rest. Needless to say I did NOT get to go to Peach Fest. :( SO SAD! :( 
So anyways I woke up the next morning dealt with some stupid drama. and passed out again.  My wonderful Best Friend Rachel brought me back the most delish Peach Cobbler and Peach Ice Cream.. DELISH!!
So I didn't miss out entirely on the glorious Peach Fest.
So once Rachel go back from church we went over to her moms house for the wonderful Sunday Dinner and lazed around watching X-men and Visiting with her Family. :) I love them all so much!
P.S. Pictures of the lake coming soon!!! :)

How to Ask a Girl on a Date...

So. Lately I have been annoyed with some boys ways of asking girls out. So here goes my little rant.
P.S. Look how easy it is for the little ones! :)

NUMBER 1: If you like a girl... SHOW HER! HOLY HELL SOMETHING! Texting and Facebook are not enough. SHOW HER!  NO GIRL is going to put herself out there unless she has at least a small idea of whats going on inside your head.(okay some girls will, but some of us have Pride.) P.S. If a girl does CLEARLY put herself out there to you.... GIVE HER SOMETHING BACK!!!! SOMETHING!

NUMBER 2: When trying to talk to a girl..... don't constantly talk about yourself. Yes we're interested in you but we also want You to be interested in Us... it's not a one person show.

NUMBER 3: When asking a girl out, you do NOT start out with "Hey, what are you doing tonight?" because she is going to tell you her plans. first of all if you're asking to hang out on the same day, you deserve to be turned down due to other plans. Do not proceed to try and change their mind and change their plans to hang out with you. Do Not tell them that their plans sound "boring" or anything a long the lines of " you should just ditch them and hang out with me." No mature girl in her right mind is going to ditch her friends/family that asked her first. It's called Etiquette.

NUMBER 4: here is what you SHOULD DO! Call a girl at least 3 days in advance (2 is the minimum) Ask her if she'd like to go with you to This place, At This time, on This Day. ITS NOT THAT HARD. You make up the date. You're the boy. That's you're JOB! Once a girl see's that you've actually put some thought into asking her she will immediately say yes, unless she already have plans. in that case she will most likely try and find a day that works well for BOTH of you. Go ahead and Compromise it shows sooo much character when a boy is willing to budge on his oh so Busy schedule to make things easier for you.

NUMBER 5: I understand that sometimes you live far away from people and it can be difficult to get together. HOWEVER. If you are a true gentlemen you will offer to go to HER. Most girls will take into consideration that it may be a far drive and offer to meet halfway somewhere... once again this is where compromise comes in. (1st of all on a first date the boy should pick up even if she offers to meet.. FYI)
If you do decide to meet somewhere.. ask her where she would like to meet first, if she says the classic "oh i don't care you chose line" you pick somewhere closer to her, try and make it something she would know.. like a mall, or Target... If she indeed does tell you somewhere to meet... DO NOT try and get her to meet somewhere else because its more convenient for you. Remember Your the one asking her.

There you have it my little Tiny Venting session on my experience with the mail species being unable to ask a girl on a date.. Its not that hard. Most girls these days are just waiting to be asked. and Boy's these days seem unable to get the balls and JUST DO IT!... Sheesh!

UPDATE: Once upon a time I pulled this post. But Now I'm going to RE-POST it due to the fact that Recently someone has done everything that I've asked when asking a girl (aka me) on a date :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Been too Long...

SO It has been WAY too long since I have UPDATED! mainly becuase I really have nothing important going on in my life sooo here are some lil fun facts for ya'll about my last week.

I got a bruise. Yeah I got it last Wednesday. Here it is a week and 2 days later and still there.... Lets just say my cousin Brianna's Husband Lance PINCHED me for no reason and left this lil joy on my arm. I've had people asking me ALL week how I got it.. How do you explain something like "My cousins Husband Pinched me... "???

Also  BUG bites. I have HORRIBLE bug bites on my leg. One on my calf, another on my knee, and this HUGE one, (the size of my palm) on my thigh. Its only gotten bigger because my work pants rub on it and irritate it. Doesn't help that I refuse to spend money on stupid things such as anti-itch cream. le sigh.

GUESS WHAT I FOUND?!!!! Jem and the Holograms plays on "The Hub" every saturday at 10 a.m. why yes I do plan on receording every single episode. I told rachel that If there is a strange looking 80's cartoon on the DVR its mine and I know its weird but I MUST have them! :)

ALSO I found the OLD "March of the Toy Soldiers" on Amazon and got it in the mail just a few days ago. Sheer joy and delight. My sisters, cousins and I used to watch this movie all teh time. It was soo old and the boogie men were actually kind of scary. For some reason I thought Tom Tom was SOOO hot... (he is still OLD Classic movie attractive) so anyways I've been watching it before bed the last few night and its still as great as I remember!!! the 2 brothers are HILARIOUS!! :)

Also. Once upon a time My BFFF Meredith and I were at a church fireside. (shocking! I know) and we were very... how should I say. Distracted/Bored/Hyper? all three seem to fit nicely. so we started looking around the chapel and found that on the ceiling there were random red lights shining. Meredith and I came to the conclusion that they were Demon Fairies. For some reason we both were laughing soooo hard at this idea that we finally had to leave the chapel because we were counting them and being very distracting... SO last night I was at the theater and I say one of these Demon Fairies and decided that It was one of my favorite memories and thought I should share it. :) DEMON FAIRIES!!

I have the Best roommate/ BEST FRIEND in the world. Don't know what I would do without Rachel. Well First of all, Bills wouldn't get paid, My hair would be a horrible mousey brown color, I'd still have a mustache, I wouldn't have a Family away from my Real Family in AZ, I wouldn't get to pretend that her Neices and Nephews were MINE, I wouldn't have anyone to constantly point out the weird things I do/say, but most of ALL I wouldn't have the Funniest Best Friend to make me laugh and tell me to buck up and pull me out of my ruts. :) :) :) LOVE YOU RACHEL!!!.... P.S. Isn't that picture Priceless! :)