Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nothing Positive to say...

So i really have nothing positive positive to say.. JK JK JK i always have SOMETHING positive to say.. like how awesome the weather is in AZ EVEN when it is ridiculously windy.. or how i haven't gotten a single negative review in my Massage Clinic class for school...however today's topic on my mind is CONFUSION i am highly confused at was is considered common courtesy. I mean really people if someone has their blinker on and has been trying to change lanes for LITERALLY 5 minutes I should like to think that SOMEONE would let them in the lane.. but no.. I missed my exit because selfish people thought that one little car was going to make such a hug difference in slowing them down possibly ultimately stopping them from arriving to their destination on time. I mean really.. COMMON COURTESY! yeesh...! Also.... I am also irritated with people making a big deal about someone else is doing. Now if what this person is doing is affecting you... by all means stand up for yourself. But FOR EXAMPLE .. If someone wears flip flops to class when it is "against the rules" let the teacher deal with them. I find it HIGHLY irritating when people feel it is their concern to either tell the teacher or make snide rude remarks to a classmate. If its not hurting you or affecting you.. GET over it. Its not the classes fault that you suffer from chronic-crabby-ass-syndrome. Lets see... Ya know now i feel bad because I actually am having an awesome day I felt hadn't blogged in a while and those were a couple things on my mind so anyways.. lessons of the day.. COMMON COURTESY and Mind Your Own Business... yup that should cover it! oh and listen to my new favorite song of the day "All we'd ever need" by Lady Antebellum... ITS AWESOME! :) XOXO DOLLFACES!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Little Happiness

This is a list of the little things in life that bring me small joys. They aren't anything big but they things that make my life better when i think its sucks! lol Oh and they are NOT in order just how I wrote them down...

*Chocolate- This one is something that I KNOW many people can relate with! I can't explain the joy that the taste of chocolate melting in my mouth gives me. Serious Joy.. possibly that is why i am "addicted" to it :)

*The Feeling of starting and Finishing a book- As some people don't know I read a lot. Just because i don't read what some people would call "deep" or "intellectual" books doesn't mean that I don't receive the same amount of joy from what would be considered less intellectual books such as The Twilight Series, The Chronicles of Narnia,the other Boleyn Girl, Or the other random Fiction books I read.

*Receiving a HUG- Hugs are the greatest! In a world where touching is "awkward" and we would rather text or e-mail than communicate face-to-face a hug is awesome way to show someone you care! :)

*The Feeling of the Sun warming!-Oh how I LOVE the sun! it is totally awesome! the feeling of it warming/tanning my skin is so awesome! I like to think that when I walk out of a cold place and feel the sun warm me that its Heavenly Father Giving me a lil Hug! :)

*The Feeling in the store... when you are trying on pants.. And you know that they are gonna fit. Not only are they gonna fit.. they are gonna LOOK DAMN GOOD! lol May be a bit "worldy" but heck it makes me feel great to find jeans that fit me and I feel good wearing! I Prefer Hollister Co. Jeans.Taking Pictures- Not only do you want to remember your memories by taking pictures! but you can also MAKE memories When taking pictures. Idk how many times my friends and I have been bored out of our minds so we just got dressed up and started taking pictures.. i mean really what more fun could you have?

*MUSIC- Oh MY HEAVENS! I LOVE MUSIC! the fact that you can listen to a song and totally relate it to your life is not only a thrill but it also reminds me that I'm not the only person who has had this certain experience in life! Music has the ability to make me cry, laugh, and most importantly Smile.

*The Feeling of Falling- Okay i know kind of a weird one.. BUT its almost hard to explain. It doesn't matter if its falling 6 feet, Jumping in the air, or strapped into a roller coaster, that feeling of the wind blowing through my hair, not knowing whether you are going to land safely or not is... WONDERFUL. This would explain my strange obsession with sky-diving I hope to go for my 1st time this summer and I NEVER want to stop lol also the feeling of being shot up into the air is also a thrill. This would explain my love of stunting :)

*Movies- My Friends and I like to call ourselves "Movie Enthusiasts" we simply enjoy movies, and enjoy quoting movies. For me personally though movies give me the ability to jump out of my life and relate myself to other characters. Movies are my emotional outlet. I don't often cry in my personal life except when i have breakdowns lol Also movies help you relate to people. I'm not saying that if you and someone don't like the same movie every single time that you are will never get along but If you have just met someone it is definitely a good topic starter :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One Year ago... LOL

Its AMAZING how things change in one simple year...One year changed My life and the life of my family to the fullest!. One year ago I was still going to EAC. One year ago I had black hair with purple Streaks. (awesome by the way!) One year ago i had NO CLUE what I wanted to have as a career in my life. One year ago I was still driving like a maniac in my RED (cursed color) Ford Escape. One year ago I wasn't an Aunt (Oh wait THAT HASN'T CHANGED!!!! LISETTE) One year ago I was well on my way to becoming a professional student. One year ago I was NOT who I am Today. Who am I today you ask??.... I have No clue. But frankly i don't think any of us will ever know who we truly are until we are returned into God's hands. Until then we are all going to constantly change, not just physically but mentally and spiritually. So I guess I have just faced the fact that I will never stop changing my mind on things, I will never be fully content with life, and I will never have the answers to any of my random questions while I am on this earth. So I am now going to say that I HOPE to CHANGE this year for the better. THIS YEAR.. I HOPE to GRADUATE! :) In October, that is of coarse if everything goes as planned. But then again does Life EVER go as planned? I think NOT! Like seriously Did my mom plan to have pneumonia and eventually be sent to the Hospital all summer to eventually have her legs amputated? yea that would be a NO! did I plan to live in Farmington NM last fall... NO, but from those sad things that has happened in ONLY ONE YEAR, So many memories and other experiences came out of it. With just one sudden change of plans the ENTIRE was thrown through one heck of a loop! and although those trails are far from being over and probably never will be I learned so many lessons that weirdly I know it was planned by somebody( that somebody being the Big Guy Upstairs) but yeah i basically just thought about how much life has changed in just ONE YEAR.... yeash! One year ago, seems like another Life ago. Long Long ago. BUT I am not going to sit and dwell on where my life COULD have been or where my Life SHOULD be, because what a waste of Life! Dwelling on the negatives. So much sadness and heartbreak in the world there really is no point in dwelling on it. You gotta move on and move up do what makes you happy and BE HAPPY even if you are just pretending at the time. One day you will wake up and realize that through all the pretend happiness you found true happiness. and that is what I felt like saying tonight. Now I shall go and do the anatomy HW that is next to me that I chose to ignore while i wrote out this blog... YAY ME! HAPPY!!! :) I'll Be Seeing You.. DOLLFACES!

Friday, April 9, 2010

New Mexico

AAAhh.. well since I made a list of Lots of things that I Love about Arizona I figured it was only fair that I write one about the things I Miss about New Mexico. So here it goes...

*Family! Of coarse! lol Although my Mom and I always get on each other's nerves i love her to death and always miss her when I am gone! She is my Hero and Always will be! :) And what to say about my Daddy he is simply amazing and I love him so very much! and Stevie.. oh boy what to say about Stevie she is my lil sister that I never got along with, Now that we understand each other better I love her to death and enjoy every minute with her!

* Friends- What few I have left in Farmington I love seeing them and catching up with our hectic lives!

*Family- (Again) This time is my Cousins (Tannie lol) and aunts and uncles, and Grandparents.

* Actual COLD water coming out of the Faucet not luke warm lol

* The water out of the Faucet tastes good LOL

* Most everywhere I need to go is 5-10 minutes away, instead of 15-45 minutes away

* My Family ward that I grew up in. Good Ward :)

*CSI:LV Marathons with my mommy

* Having so much NOT to do in this town that I finished MULTIPLE books while I was home, we are talkin 400-600 page books lol

*My Room. Even though my room is just as awesome in AZ, there is still something so nice to be able to come home to my own gloriously PINK room! :)

* Our Dog Jewels-even though she is too scared of other people to show anyone how smart she is, she really is a sweet lil angel!

* Lay in Bed Movie day with my mom :)

*Saving money because of the Lack of Shopping Available :P

* The Air in Farmington is somewhat CRISPER lol

* Finding that driving around with friends in the desert really is fun LOL

* Visiting Old work Buddies! whether its the Awesome Friends I made at CAR LAND, Or the fun folks at Reliance its always fun to catch up with people!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Story of Stinky Shoe Boy and The Clash of the Titans

So as My Friend Coye and I sit down to watch "Clash of the Titans" in our usual seats by the bar, a huge pack of boys walks in and sits right behind us... Now, I can handle constant Loud whispering through the entire movie, I can even handle the random nudging of my seat.. what i CANNOT handle however is someone sticking their feet in between and on top of my seat. Now if no one is sitting in front of you feel free...BUT geez! lets have some common courtesy and keep your feet away from people heads and face. Then as if the feet in my seat wasn't annoying enough about 10 minutes into the movie I noticed a smell coming from the feet beside.. a truly horribly RANCID smell. This smell was as if the shoes were so old that they had been worn by stinky nasty mildewy feet forever.. washed... molded... lay ed out in the sun to dry, worn again in more mildewy moldy feet and every time the kid adjusted his feet, nudging my seat in the process I got a huge WIFF of the nasty, moldy, rubber falling off shoes.
#1 Common Courtesy- Keep your Dang stinky feet off the seats and out of people's faces.

#2 If your shoes smell really nasty.. don't bother washing them


You may now be wondering why I didn't say something.. what am I supposed to say "hey your shoes reek mind sticking them on the ground" .. i guess that could have worked but for some reason I hate confrontation.
So anyways as I sat through the movie holding a gum wrapper to my face to keep the smell of mint instead of mold in my nose, I really did enjoy the movie.. I mean it was okay. not the most amazing movie, but enjoyable. Coye is going to get with Medusa, where-as I am All about the wooden looking creepy blue-eyed guy... got a thing for glowing blue-eyes LOL

Also though the movie was pretty awesome i was constantly thinking of other things, such as Hercules.. the witches in that one were much funnier (Indoor Plumbing, It's Gonna be Big) also I was stuck thinking of My freshman year of high school. I was getting ready to go to High school and I was signed up for P-AP English. this meant that I had a HUGE summer project due about The Odyssey and The Iliad the day school started... NICE... good idea aubry AP English.. so anyways this ridiculous assignment included some type of art project so I decided to do a sculpture of hard could it be... how hard indeed. This my friends was the day that i realized I hadn't inherited ANY of my mothers artsy skills...And after hours of working on this project my mother kindly took it over and made it awesome... this artsy-ness bumped up my grade from a B to an A. This was awesome until my teacher expected every single one of my projects to be just as amazing as that one.. Sigh. So yeah LOL those are my random thoughts on the night and the movie. Adios Dollfaces!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday!

Dad hid 2 Eggs for each of us! A Candy Filled Egg, and a Money Filled egg! Stevie and I Immediately ran to our rooms and started searching.. I felt 5 again :) anyways Mommy found her eggs in her medicine bag and one in her wheel chair! :) Clever Daddy!

This is Stevie And I's Easter Dance! :)
In this Family we don't Decorate Eggs for Easter, We decorate Cupcakes!!!
Mom Decorating her cupcakes!

My Bunny Cupcake I made! :)

Our Eggs

Saturday, April 3, 2010

LOL so i found this video Link and it made me very excited!! :) this is one of My FAVORITE stunts I ever learned.. It got way better than this but this was the only recording of it I have thanks to my wonderful Friend NIKI! :) .. I also got better at stunting than this but this was super fun! :)
I think I will randomly post pics and stuff of Me Cheering simply because I MISS IT SO MUCH!!!!

Split Back!!!

*N!k!* MySpace Video


Easter! Such an amazingly Spiritual holiday, although our dates are off, and the worldly celebration of Eggs, and Bunnies are actually based upon Pagean holidays, I feel very blessed to be able to remember the Lords plan and be able to understand the wonderful Plan that God has for each of us. The Plan of Salvation is an amazing Truth of the Gospel. Here is an awesome video for ya!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Guilty Pleasure... Supernatural

I was introduced to an amazing show on The CW known as Supernatural. It is An aawesome Show about 2 brothers that hunt down the things that go "bump in the night" LOL or mainly in the later seasons DEMONS :) lol but there have been witches, vampires, shape-shifters, and other creepy things! :) its pretty much an awesome show!

This is one of the funniest clips out there! :) lol