Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just because its Prada...

Just because it's Prada, doesn't mean you Oadda...

This is just a couple of the AWFUL Prada clothes i saw online.... absolutely awful!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

El Paso!

So Rachel and I made a quick trip to her hometown of El Paso Texas. SO FUN! i love random trips of fun! I got to go to the famous Chicos Tacos, and the BIGGEST Forever 21 I've ever seen! and best of all i got to finally meet Rachel's friends! yay for fun friends! so here are some pics!
Me trying Chicos
Melanie, Me and Rach
Buh-Bye El Paso :(
We stopped in thatcher to see our Dazzle and give him his hat Rachel and I got him!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

UPDATE for the next few months!

Well Since I am sitting here BORED as usual at work. I figured I would update my lil blog on my life... Its a good life. HA WELL Rachel and I FINALLY hung some pictures in our apartment. Our kitchen and living room looks soo much HOME-IER now haha. ALSO as we are waiting ANXIOUSLY to go to Florida, we are also going to be out of town pretty much EVERY WEEKEND until then starting this weekend.
THIS weekend we are going to Rachels Hometown of El Paso... WOO HOO! I have told her about 50 times that I would go see her home town and NOW I REALLY am going! :) yay! haha
THEN the weekend after I will be going to MY HOME! haha yay! AKA Farmington for presidents day! I'm excited because I have Monday off work so i get to be there ALL DAY Saturday and ALL DAY SUNDAY! yay!!
but then the next weekend I wil actually be in PHX BUT it is my BFFF MEREDITHS BIRTHDAY!!! the girl is gonna be 22! seems like only yesterday we were celebrating her 21st! weird! so that is going to be one FUN weekend! :)
ssoooo I believe the weekend after that is the weekend that Rachel and I are planning on going to Havasu with her co-worker Sage! YAY! THEN COMES FLORIDA!! so yeah basically the next few weeks will be full of traveling and FUN with my BESTIES!!!!
In the words of Rachel "We Are Young and We Are Fun!" YAY for us! but yeah that's me and my life. And because I can't stand being sick I got myself a Z-pack and am feeling much better! :) YAY for drugs! haha
lets seee yup I basically have nothing fun to say except that since my Birthday is lame this year and its on a week day and I'll be out of town both weekends before and after my birthday to weddings I'm going to go Sky Diving 2 weeks before my 23rd birthday...
HOLY MOLY FOLKS! ME?! 23.... EEEW! jk now that I've faced the facts that I'm old I'm willing to embrace my age and simply have fun! Heck I'm 22 might as well enjoy it for these last 3 months! HA
okay that's all....
Pump up the Jams.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Random Fun!

Just a Random Night of fun with friends Reminiscing! :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


OH NO! I'm sick! I thought I was doing so Good! Rachel had been sick for a month and i hadn't gotten it yet I kept thinking wow my immune system must be rockin right now... Then came Monday... I noticed my nose had been extremely runny and my throat was gettin a lil sore.. I Took Vitamin C and a daily vitamin and allergy meds that day.. Then came Tuesday.. Uh oh my head was SWIMMING.... I did the same and took it easy last night and went to bed at like ten.. Then i woke up HOLY MOSES my head hated me, along with my nose and throat. I have a man voice. SO yeah I'm sick haha i just hope it doesn't get as bad as Rachel's has gotten.. if it heads in that direction I'm in deep trouble. HOPEFULLY i can kick it quick and not have to take any time off work. I hate taking time off for sickness because I take so much time off for vacations and stuff... Its no bueno, no bueno at all..... Sigh But they are great at work they want me to go home but i keep refusing. Until its to the point where I can't function anymore I WILL be at work!!!!!!! HAHA
Oh and I'm starving haha just a random side note I figured i might throw in there. I'm Starving and I'm Sick. I also have to teach my lil Gymnastics class tonight. I really hope i don't spread my germs to the youngin's.
I basically have nothing new exciting or clever going on in my life.. WELL EXCEPT that i don't believe I've blogged about FLORIDA yet.
That's right you read that correctly FLORIDA for SPRING BREAK!
Ha no I don't actually have a spring break BUT i am lucky enough to have a freakin AWESOME job and they let me get Time off.. So its gonna be one big party. Rachel and I fly in first thing Tuesday morning... as in we leave Monday night get there Tuesday morning haha and then Paige, Lianne, and Tori will be flying in later Monday during the day!! Its going to be SOOO FUN! I am fully excited we are going to be there from Tuesday until Saturday. And the best part is that my DADDY got us 2 rooms for free at the Hampton Inn!! WOOT so all we ahve to pay for is the other 2 nights!! SHEEE DOGGY!!!! so excited!
Ummmm yeah that's basically all i have to say hahaha this is a rather boring post i am just at work and decided to put my all focus into this instead of all my focus into how my head is swimming in a stream of never ending phone calls HAHAHAHA