Monday, May 23, 2011


Today has been a Doozy of a day. Like a serious DOOZY. The kind of day where the first thing you want when you get home is something super greasy and good. Today is a Costa Vida day. Yeah, oh yeah I need Costa. Not only do I need Costa, I also need a huge Chocolate Creamy Cake, covered in hot fudge frosting. and to top it all off I need a Coke. That sounds absolutely delicious. I am in a desperate comfort food mode. For SERIOUS. I am feeling stress, and pressure. and as we all know When Aubry feels stress she breaks out in some kind of weird skin rash. So far no signs yet, but oh just you wait for the end of the week. Things are gonna get ugly (Me.) Right now you're probably wondering, "Why? Whats the cause of your stress Aubry?" WELL let me tell you. I have worked for my company for 8 months now. And in those 8 months I ahve finally gotten used to my high paced center and I have enjoyed working there and gotten to know the clients well. Then WHAM! They have me moving to a new center, where I am supposed to take on more responsiblity and somehow get things done and 'Impress' this Doushbag New Yorker, more than the lady that worked there for 15 years could do. Needless to say I'm stressed. I also cried a little this morning. SHHHH don't tell any one! But yeah. Right now I am focusing on dealing with this in a positive manner instead of seeing the negatives.
Positive: I have A LOT more free time at this center.(blogging more? reading more?)
Positive: I will learn a lot more about the company.
Okay so I only have 2 right nore, but 2 is better than none.
.... In Times like this all I can say is... Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, what do we do we swim, swim....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Growing Up.

Isn't it crazy how some people just don't grow up? I mean I'm not the most mature person ever, in fact i find myself to be very weird and immature. HOWEVER I am able to handle situations in life. I am able to look past the emotional side of things and see the logical explanation behind situations and after that I try to act accordingly. I'm not saying that "Oh I never get angry and I handle everything with pure wisdom" because THAT would be a total LIE. Ha.
But do you ever just look at people, see how they are reacting (OVER reacting) to a situation and think. "How old are you?" I mean REALLY?.
So anyways lately I've been noticing how Immature people can be. And when I say immature I don't mean childlike. There is a total difference. Childlike is more like an adult that still watches cartoons, or collects Barbies, or is innocent and sweet. IMMATURE however is when people can't handle situations with class or immediately assume that someone is doing something on purpose to hurt them or irritate them.

So now that we have that clarified. Why can't people accept that sometimes things don't happen exactly as they plan? For instance:
You need a package overnighted to you. The people who usually do your overnightings system is down and they are COMPLETELY UNABLE to do it. How do you decide to react?
Well Option number one is the IMMATURE option. You throw a fit, you tell them that you can't comprehend the Idea that they are unable to use the Fedex account because the ENTIRE system is down. You stat yelling, demand to speak with a manager. The manager tells you the same thing. You are flabbergasted that there isn't some computer fairy that can fly down and sprinkle magic fairy dust on the global network and make all your little problems go away.


Option 2: You can count to 10. Ask what your options are on how to get it to you. At all costs they will most likely try to make you as happy as possible and you could very well get this shipped for free if you just wait one day for them to get the system back up and running. Win/Win situation

So that's EXAMPLE 1. of my personal view of immaturity.

Example 2

If someone doesn't always see eye to eye with you. IT'S OKAY. There is no need to be completely FLABBERGASTED and try to convince them otherwise. Its called Agree to Disagree. (side note: Mocking them and making fun of their ideas/beliefs/thoughts isn't going to change their mind. You're just going to piss them off and make them want to gouge your eyes out.)

So yeah lets take some time for maturity....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Elevator Etiquette

So as we all know Elevator rides can get kinda awkward. I mean you're in a metal box that goes up and down with complete and total strangers. Now there are those people that absolutely HAVE to talk during an elevator ride, or there are those people that will NOT make eye contact, for that matter will not even acknowledge the fact that there is even another person sharing the small metal box with you.
I work on the 7th floor of my building. Naturally I ride the elevator multiple times a day because lets face it 7 flights of stairs is just Ridiculous! SO I have come up with some Elevator Etiquette!

Rule # 1 When you are waiting for an elevator, DO NOT automatically assume that the elevator is going to be empty when the doors open. Rushing in when someone is trying to Rush out is not only Rude, but Awkward. Trying to dodge and see which side they are going to try and rush through is a very difficult task.

Rule # 2 When the elevator look even Mildly crowded. PLEASE for the love of God, DO NOT try and squeeze yourself in. Another elevator will come soon I promise. No need to test the weight limit.

Rule # 3 Gentlemen: When you are in an elevator with even just ONE Lady it is PROPER to let her off the elevator before you. I mean really lets show some Chivalry!

Rule # 4 When you see someone coming up or you hear someone say "Hold the elevator!" HOLD THE DAMN ELEVATOR?! True Story I was going down and I'm just chillin in the elevator and it stops some lady comes in and then we hear someone say "Hold the elevator Please!" Now I was in the back of the elevator and this other woman was up close by the doors. However instead of simply putting her arm out and stopping the elevator the lady pushes the "door close" button instead. Then she turns to me and smiles. I was like.. um. RUDE! I mean really it would have slowed us up a total of 2 seconds to hold the elevator. Common Courtesy people. Look it up!

Rule # 5 When you see someone holding a very large box, or Maybe a grip load of mail and they are small and easily struggling to carry the entire box.... It MIGHT, MAYBE be a nice gesture to ask them which floor they need INSTEAD of watching them struggle to push the correct floor. True Story. so in unintentional revenge I ended up hitting about 4 of the wrong floors with my elbow. See how he liked THAT! :P

Rule # 6 I know how awkward it can be to be in the elevator with a stranger but seriously. If Someone smiles at you.. SMILE BACK! if someone says Hello, you say it BACK!.... oh and If you're wearing a Blue tooth and you say hello to the person on your ear, and the other person in general view says Hello to you... It is unnecessary to Glare rudely at them. Join the real world and take the damn thing off you're ear.

Rule # 7 You're in an Elevator. You're going to lose service. There is no need to shout and curse if you lose a call. Kicking the side of the elevator will also not bring service back to your cell. In Fact, the only thing it will succeed in doing is making you look like an Idiot. (True Story)

So there you have it. My Lucky 7 Elevator Etiquette Rules. Read them and Learn them. They will help make not only your life easier but the lives of others all around you easier.

P.S. Person releasing gas right before you get off the elevator, so that the next person on is stuck in your stench. You disgust me.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

Basically I had the time of my life in Vegas enough Said. SADLY and MOST DEPRESSINGLY Meredith (the person we bought the John Mayer and Keith Urban tickets for) became HORRIBLY ILL. like super sick and was unable to go with us. It was basically soo very depressing. HOWEVER our friend and old roommate Jacque Fult was able to make spur of the moment trip and come with us! woo hooo!!! :) so basically we saw Tyler Hilton, John Mayer, Keith Urban, and Of coarse it being the TigerJam Tiger Woods (cheater) all in one delicious night of amazing music! :) sigh! so here are some pics!

 "Is this the Real Caesars Palace?"
 Oh John
$25 Celebrity endorsed Lolly-pops.... AND the BEST Dark Hot Chocolate Ever!

P.S. Elvis Lives