Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Little Random thoughts for you...

Lets see, I've tried posting an incredibly witty post for the past few days but something malfunction and there was always an error, THUS resulting in the loss of my oh so clever thoughts and decisions on life. And now hoping that this one will post i am now going to talk about a VERY disturbing video I saw today in class.
Now I've always heard that Mcdonalds food isn't real food, Ive heard the horror stories about how they get thier meat and all that jazz. Now I PERSONALLY have hated McDonald's ever since my first year coming back from girls camp my older sister and I got stuck riding back with some lady we didn't know whose car smelled like cigarette smoke. She bought us McDonald's Chicken nuggets which was very nice of her. Now IDK if it was the awful combination of the smell, being in the car, and the horrible chicken that i felt forced to eat, But i ended up puking on the side of the road that day and really haven't had McDonald's since (except for the occasional Breakfast cinnamon rolls) Then today in school our teacher was talking about nutrition and how horrible fast food is. Now I completely agree that fast food is probably the worst things that we can put in our bodies its absolutely horrible. But I am a poor starving college student so forgive me if i have the occasional Taco Bell and Cup-o-noodles for lunch in between classes. anyways what i am getting down to is that MCDONALDS = NASTY! I mean really this video disgusted me!

This video basically shows it all. I know that my kids will never be having McDonalds and I dont plan to either. I have broken my Burger King addiction as well, all that I have to give up is My coca-cola. AAAAH Coca-Cola.. I love it! I really do but it is probably destroying my insides. Now i dont think I will ever FULLY give it up, but what I can do is drink in moderation. I don't have to give it up for good, as long as i only have the occasional soda instead of what used to be my Daily 3 :) another video to let you know what you are drinking! ( By the way Alkaline is GOOD water!)

Monday, May 17, 2010

GLEE part 2

Whit, Bri and I
Halo/Walkin' on SunshineIt's My Life/ ConfessionsBust Your Windows (yeah they brought out the car)I don't remember what song this was but it was GOOD :)

Glee Concert!

As many of you know I am full obsessed with Glee. And I was able to go to the Glee Live concert this past weekend... BE JEALOUS! lol it was pretty much amazing. I think every single vocalist on the show is simply amazing, but of coarse Lea Michele AKA Rachel Berry is pretty much has the most amazing voice I have had the HONOR of hearing live! Now since there is simply no contest between the girls against Rachel I will move on to my favorite discussion of the Boys. Now I think that it is practically amazing that Kurt is able to sing as high as he does. And Arty is just simply awesome also! But the real battle is between Finn and Puck. Now because I believe that both of these boys have equally beautiful voices I will now discuss their characters on the show. Now Finn is easily the boy that I would go for in "real life" he is sweet, funny, cute, and an awesome singer. BUT my not so secret obsession with Puck has grown even more since I have seen him LITERALLY maybe 7 feet away from me ( he came down in the audience) anyways his cocky attitude, paired with his crooked smile is enough to make any sensible girl swoon. And then there is the Mohawk. Normally I would not be attracted to a boy with a Mohawk, BUT Pucks' simply tops off his total "bad-ass-ness" lol he is officially "number WA-" on my list.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shoes!!!!... Addiction? Maybe, Problem... I THINK NOT!!!

I recently went shoe shopping to help a friend pick out some shoes.. and I have decided... I am a Shoe-whore. Its a fact. I love all shoes. My obsession is no longer limited to Heels, Oh no. It has definitely expanded to so much more. Tennies, Flats, Sandals, Flip-flops, Wedges, boots, and heels all have a catagory in my life. Then I decided to count the number of shoes I have and then put them in their specific categories, then I realized I left some shoes at home. So my this is an in-accurate calculation but it will have to do for now.

17 Heels- (GORGEOUS)

10- Flats (SO SHINY!!!!! :D)

9- Tennies- (Make fun if you want but I Love 'em)

7 Sandals- (NEW pair)

3 boots- (My Black Winter boots LOL )


2 wedges - (Go With any jeans! )

So that's adds up to 51 pairs of shoes..... WOW 51. and thats not counting the few pairs I have given to my lil sister recently. Why do I love shoes so much. Its almost an addiction I walk into a shoe store and I immediately get very excited and want to put on and buy every single pair. it seems to be mostly with heels though... Heels make my world go round. If i could i think I would wear heels everyday. However this idea doe not go along with my choice profession. Now that I know how many pairs I own, I am also beginning to wonder how much money I have spent on shoes. Now I know for a fact that the most i have spent is $80 on a pair for my sisters wedding. they are gorgeous (FYI) but really i mean. I know that each of them is in a round about at least 25 dollars each. (for the heels) so that adds up to about $425.00 JUST for the heels. woo wee. Now granted some of them could have been less, and some could have been more. thats just about the average i spend on my heels considering I usually get them on sale and at TARGET :) then I thought about the tennies.... I'm going to leave out my cheer shoes because i technically got those for free from the college so that leaves 6 pairs of tennies I'm gonna say were give or take $15 dollars each. $90. not bad. for 6 pairs. boots... 25 each = $75. Flats..... I'd say around 15 each again = $150. sandals id say.... $13- $91, Now I DO go cheap with my flip flops so im gonna say they were only like 7.50 = $22.50, wedges- $25= $50. SO adding all that up = (give or take) $903. 50......... SHEE WIZZZZ. I think I have a problem. especially since I was estimating pretty low on these numbers. BUT I can say that I do get good use out of all my shoes. AND they make me happy. And in the End.. Isn't that all that matters???!?
Now You may be asking where do i keep all these shoes... Well I have a box under my bed, and a couple shoe racks, my closet floor, My Room floor, and a huge laundry basket in my closet. I also have a few pairs in my car come to think of it. ;)

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Oh my poor blog I have ignored you for a very long time. I frankly don't have anything new to report ... my life is as boring as ever.. all I do is go to school, Study, and hang out with Meredith. I have 2 tests every Monday until the end of June. One for Anatomy and the other for the Functions of the human body. It is going to be a rough semester. Lately I have been contemplating the big question of what I am going to do after graduation.has anybody ever noticed how our lives are just one event and decision after another. I finally decide on a major, go to school and am focusing on graduating. But since that is only about 5 months away the next question in my life is what to do afterward. Now clearly i want to get a job as a massage therapist due to the fact that that is my major, but now its just the whole looking for a job thing. I'm supposed to be "getting the word out" now and "building up clients" for myself but seriously how am I supposed to do that when prices for me will go up from being Free to ... More. depending on where I would get the job. and then the next choice do I want to stay in the Valley or do i want to maybe move.... Ha i can answer that one pretty easy. STAY ... I love AZ. But yeah so much to think about! OH and should i keep pursuing coaching? I was asked to give a Stunt class seminar at a coaches convention in PHX a couple of Saturdays ago and I loved it! made me remember why I loved Cheerleading SO much! I definitely want to see what I can do with that here in teh Valley. My old coach calls me a "Fixer" I can help girls fix their bad technique in stunting and also teach new one! I LOVE CHEER! and miss it tonz! yeah so tahts my life. But I don't want to make it sound like all my spare time I spend dwelling on the future because being THAT INTENSE in life is only gonna make you go crazy! so here is some pics of me and My girls!! :) LOVE THEM!