Wednesday, April 27, 2011

10 Things I Want to do, but probably will never do...

So I Dream. I have things that I really WANT to do, but I probably will never do them. So I decided to make a list of these things that I WANT to do but probably never will. (I say PROBABLY because, Who Knows?!)

10. Become a Singer: Lets Face it, I can sing pretty nice, But I don't have the most amazing or unique voice. and I also lack the connection to other famous people, and am not prepared to sell my soul to be famous. (UNLIKE some Singers... cough Lady GaGa, cough cough BUT REALLY SHE CAME OUTTA NO WHERE AND WHAM! SHE's a Cult Ruler.)
9. Learn Italian: Yea, random right. I just think it sounds cool and I would love to say "I speak Italian" However since I lack the patience to actually try ad learn it. Ill just stick to my native tongue. AMERICAN. (Said in Ricky Bobby voice)

8. Be a Billionaire: I've come to the realization that I would be one kick-ass Billionaire. HOWEVER considering that I really am looking to marry for love instead of money I have a stinking suspicion that alas I might just have to settle for middle-class :P
7. Go On Broadway: I know what you're thinking "Isn't this exactly like #10" well my answer to your question is "NO! IDIOT" Broadway is BROADWAY! That is something that I feel my voice would be perfect for because as we all know I enjoy mimicking the way people sound when they sing and I can put character into my voice. HOWEVER I lack the acting skills and dance technique that comes along with Broadway. Thus I'll just have to stick with my Car-eoke hour drive, and trips.

6. Live in a Foreign Country: I just want to say that "I Spent a year in Europe." OR "Well, While I was Living in Australia" However.. I love my family and friends way too much to not be able to drive to see them if I needed them. HOWEVER if the opportunity presented itself I really feel i would take it! :)

5. A Tattoo: STRIKE ME DOWN NOW! BUT I think that a small discrete tattoo can be nice. Especially if it has meaning behind it. I just want one down my side. (overdone I know but whatever!)

4. Win the Lottery: Yes, yes I know. That's Gambling. But I mean really how cool would it be to have payed one dollar for something and then get 1 million or more dollars back??! Sounds EXCITING! and yes I do play power ball randomly. (you can't win if you don't play) haha

3. Be Blonde: Yes yes. I Know that this is EASILY done with chemicals and such. HOWEVER I also know that I am not meant to be blonde and I will NEVER dye my hair blonde. I just secretly want to be  blonde. Maybe its because I'm jealous my lil sister is the only blonde out of the daughters or maybe I just want to see if blonde's really do have more fun. All I know is its something that I SECRETLY want and will never have.

2. Botox: Yea Yea i know I'm too young to worry about wrinkles and crap like that but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about my lips. or the lack there-of. I have always had small little lips. no big deal they fit on my abnormally small face. BUT then I was watching a TV show (Teen Mom) and the mother on this show had REALLY REALLY small lips, and then I realized that's what MY lips are going to look like in 20 or so years. So I want botox, BUT I'm afraid of needles and there are soo many things that could go wrong during the procedure and what if I look like a duck? (which is the most likely outcome)

AND the Last and SADDEST Lost Want of all...
1. I want to be a Disney Princess at Disneyland. NO we aren't talking just ANY Princess. I want to be Belle. I really feel like I would LOVE THAT! In FACT! I KNOW I would LOVE IT! Alas My cousin (who has worked for Disney) Told me about the grueling process it is and its not easy. Alas My prime is running out and .... I don't  live there and probably never will. Thus Kiss my #1 Dream Goodbye... Le Sigh

So there you have it there are 10 Things I Really Want to do, BUT probably never will. :)

P.S. I could so be Belle and Look WAAAY better than this chick... Just Sayin.

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Sara Winkle said...

You could always buy or rent a Belle outfit and wear it to a con or holloween