Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Celebrity Obsession

Celebrity Obsession- Boy Crush Edition-
So a little while back I did THIS POST about my female celebrity Girl crush... And thought it was maybe a little WEIRD that I hadn't done my Boy Crush Edition. So here it is. The problem is there really are soo many!!! HAHA BUT I'll try and narrow it down to the main important ones.
 Umm..... I think my Oldest obsession is..

Chad Michael Murray. Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff totally set this one off, Then I discovered he was in One Tree Hill and That's all she wrote. I was in love.... He just has that look.... MMMMM Yeah nice Jaw line.
THEN there is the BELOVED  Johnny Depp... Who can resist that awesomely weird rugged grungy look he has going for him? I'm very serious when I say I would have in any role, From Sweeney Todd, to Secret Window there is not a single character of him that I do not LOVE! absolutely LOVE. :) I think the one I would prefer the most is NATURALLY Jack Sparrow, and my least but I will take is Edward Scissarhands (kinda kinky ;)

THEN comes the handsome Channing Tatam, And I actually prefer him in his She's the Man Days, he's not TOO rocked out to where he looks like a meat head.. like in G.I. Joe (not only was that a terrible movie he just looked overly built.) Yup He is my fav in Step Up and She's The Man.

SO NOW COMES.... Jensen Ackles. OH. MY. HEAVENS. Supernatural is one of my absolute FAVORITE shows and he is not only super hot, but Ridiculously FUNNY! and I know he is in real life too because I've watched the bloopers! : P  Anyways there is basically no way to explain how wonderful he is... he JUST IS.

NOW my absolute FAVORITE OBSESSION.. Like.... along with MILLIONS of other girls.. I Literally LOVE him. So cute. and he is suuper funny, because I've seen him on Ellen, and he wears Jumpin Jammerz. So Funny. So Hot. So wonderful..... Ryan Gosling.. Yea I know what you're thinking "Oh, The Notebook guy,.." WRONG, yes he is wonderful in The Notebook, but I DISTINCTLY remember commenting about how cute he was in Remember the Titans. BOOM. I've been a fan LONG before The Notebook.

I couldn't help it with that picture he is just sooo adorably awesome in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

So there you have it. My Celebrity Obsession- Boy Crush Edition. :)


Rachel said...

I would have to agree with all of these....Too bad you never knew how to say Chad's last name hahaha

oh and don't say reminds me of bad times BAHAHAHAHAHA

Aubry June said...

aaaaaaaahhh.. I take it back I take it back!! No more Booms!!!! LOL