Saturday, January 23, 2010

School UPDATE!

Okay! So this is going to be my third week of Massage Therapy school and I have already learned more than i have ever before! lol It is a fast-paced and quick learning! Anatomy is definitely the hardest part so far and I am anxious to learn more! We have started to learn how to feel the different muscles and understand how they work and the different areas they affect. We are also learning the professional and the business side of Massage Therapy! How to handle uncomfortable situations and worst case scenarios. I love the idea of helping others and giving them the opportunity to relax and relieve stress. Just to get away from the real world for an hour is a hard thing to do and in 9 months I will be able to do that for people. I like all the people in my class and am forming friendships, its crazy the diverse people that have the same plan in life as you do. So for I am focusing on the Spa side of Massage therapy but would also like to look into the medical side of helping people who have to go to physical therapy and such. so yeah that's whats going on with school! Oh and it helps that I get to have massages in school! ;)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Taniths Visit!

SOOO Tannie came to visit for Whitney's birthday! it was totally awesome! The Three Amigos were together again!! :) and we got to take her to experience her very first DRIVE-IN Movie EXTRAVAGANZA! totally wonderful! My family is so great and they all mean so much to me! spending time with them makes me happier and at peace in the world! luv you all!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


AAAAAH.. A New Year! Well I know it was stated over and over again by people about how glad they are that 2009 is over, although I can easily say that I too and most definitely done with it and ready for my new slate. I would like to say that 2009 holds more memories in my heart that I never want to let go of! My Friends and Family are basically all that got me through one heck of a year and although I made plenty of silly and childish mistakes I can't say that I would take any of those memories back for anything because I LIVED and LEARNED from this year but mostly I knew how it felt to Love and Be Loved by almost everyone around me! :)

NOW FOR THIS YEAR!! Oh the joys that are in store for me! Well I'm going to have a hectic year of school!! Starting Monday January 11th I will be attending the Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy in Scottsdale! It is a 9 month program and I graduate at the end, cap and gown and everything! lol I am super excited but nervous for all of the anatomy parts of it! but I plan on hunkering down and studying my lil booty off to pass! There are 3 quarters, 11 weeks in each quarter so I will be going 11 weeks and then having 2 weeks off, 11 weeks, 2 weeks off, 11 weeks the GRADUATION! until then I am going to have to go back to being ridiculously poor for 9 months then hopefully making the big bucks! Orientation is tomorrow! Wish me Luck! ;)

New Years!

Well I spent New Years with a few of my favorite friends in AZ! We had a super good time :)
The Girls! (Me, Meredith, Paige)
Clayton and I

Car Ride!


We Went Ice Skating! :)

Opening Gifts!

Christmas Gifts from Elvis!

Well I went home for Christmas and it was wonderfully busy! Nonstop Family and Friends! Although I thoroughly enjoy all the physical and somewhat wordly gifts this season brings, the key and sometimes hard part is remembering the REAL meaning of Christmas and that is to remember the Birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. so lil late but Merry Christmas to All and to All and Good Night!