Friday, January 28, 2011

The Bachelor...

HELLO! so okay its a new year which means its a NEW season of the Bachelor. My roommate Rachel is obsessed and has seen practically every season! Thus I'm watching this season as well, with NO protest might I add. I love the Bachelor its great. So this season we have ourselves Brad Womack again! YAY! he is flippin Hot! and he has quite a few good girls. In the very beginning you could tell exactly who Brad was REALLY interested in and who he is just floating along because he cant get rid of the other girls too fast hahah sooo here it is for you in a nutshell who i like and who is crazy!

First off we'll start with the favs. Shantalle O. She is not my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE... BUT her and Brad get along really well and they are super cute together. YAY!
Next is EMILY! OH MY! I love her she is
absolutely adorable. Her story is sooo Sad but it shows what a great person she is to be able to work through it and be as happy and sweet as she is. **SPOILER I've heard that she is not the winner but that ABC has already asked her to be the next Bachelorette! LOVE IT!
And then comes Ashley. I liked her at first they ahd the first one on one date and they were really cute! I thought that they were a good fit, Until the psycho jealous side came out. Now she has just been annoying. we will see how far she goes... **** SPOILER I have also read that she is in the top 4.
And this Girl this girl is Simply Crazy. I'm pretty sure Rachel and I both want to punch her straight in the face every time she comes on screen. there is always the crazy one that you hate and is crazy on camera but to the bachelor she is really sweet and just the girl he is looking for... Cough Vienna Cough cough.....
BUT ANYWAYS.. yup that's the bachelor recap in my eyes! HAHA

Friday, January 21, 2011

Goodbye Simon...

Now I loved American Idol when it first came out, watched it and voted religiously. (stopped Voting After Rouben Studdard Won... I guess that was like the 2nd season HA) But I still watched it ... Then it just got boring None of the idols were really making anything of themselves and it seemed like they did the same gimmicks over and over... So first we said goodbye to Paula who was followed by other.. and now J-Lo Whom I like on the show,
Then the Fateful day came when "WHAT? Simon Cowell is leaving American Idol! He practically made Idol what with all his Sassy, rude remarks in an English accent. I thought there was no replacing him. Then Came Steven Tyler. Not gonna lie I was a lil skeptical, BUT I LOVE HIM even more than Simon. He is funny as crap and aside from one incident in the beginning where he made no sense at all, he gives great advice.. Not to mention the one liners so far we have

"Did you eat a lot of paint chips as a child"

"Just enough leg" (to a sixteen year old HA)

and then there is the absolute Favorite Line so Far


and all his random "AAAAAHHH!!!"'s HAHA

If you haven't watched the show yet jump on it because Steven Tyler is bringing Idol BACK! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun Times with Fun Friends

Masks (Rachey, Lianne, and Me)

Shanny, Rachey, and Me

Temple Lights with Rachel's Family :)

Books, Books, Books..

I read. I read A LOT! ha so far i have read a total of 3 books... all of these books only during work. Haha that's right during work. I still get everything done that i need to do but somebody has to answer the phones soo what do i do in the mean time... Read EBooks ( best thing ever invented.)
So I started out with re-reading The Great Gatsby. Hadn't read that since high school and Its just soo good! then I googled around found out that they are Re-making the movie and GUESS just GUESS who is playing Jay Gatsby... why non other than Leonardo DiCaprio of coarse! Its gonna be Big! So then after finishing that one I moved onto another book.
The Count of Monte Cristo. Let me just say that i only read like half of it in high school, cuz its a freakin long book, BUT that i finished it and I loved it thought it was great I loved all the stuff that the movie had to leave out... BUT I LOVE the movie still it was definitely made to have a happier ending and different twists that were just as awesome. They were way different but both equally great!
So then once i finished that it took me Forever to find another good FREE book to read online, so i couldn't think of one that i would be able to read... then I found out that they were making a movie with Rob Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon called "Water for Elephants"
I read it and Thus i now cannot wait for the movie to come out! So excited
On top of that a book that i read a while ago is also "Something Borrowed" and it is ALSO being made into a movie! totally excited!
ALSO I've been reading a book about my hero Audrey Hepburn. I just can't get enough of that lady! Its awesome!

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Roommate

'Ello All, this post is dedicated 100% to my roommate Rachel Michelle Taylor. 1st of all let me have a recap of mine and Rachels history. We met at college at Eastern Arizona, I moved in during the 2nd semester of her 1st year. BAM! we were friends... Then our 2nd year came and BAM! we were best friends. Then.. TRAGEDY she moved to Lubbock and I moved to Farmington... (oh sadness) THEN I moved to Mesa and not long after She also moved to Queen Creek aka all in the Valley... Then BAM we moved into an apartment together.... and BAM! we are adults HAHA its crazy how time flies and you don't even realize whats happening and how fast its all moving. All in all we work pretty stinking well together, now naturally being around each other constantly we have gotten into minor tifts and when i say minor i mean im pretty sure the only things we have disagreed on driving directions. HA.. seriously though it blows my mind that she is one of the only people that has realized how awkward I am when i first meet people, or how I am awful at saying goodbye to people and that I am the worst at giving compliments, not that i don't compliment people enough more along the lines of when I do compliment people it is in this awkward voice like they are going to tell my I'm wrong when I compliment people. HA. And lets not forget all my weird words that i never knew were weird. HAHAHA its strange to say that someone could open up my eyes on myself but Rachel truly has done that :) I love her to death and couldn't chose a better roommate even if i made up an imaginary one in my head she still wouldn't be as awesome as Rachel! I know that i can Vent and tell her things that she won't tell anyone else and that I can always rely on her to have my back. Whether its honking my horn at careless semi-trucks or yelling at trucks that almost run me over I know that rachel will always be there! She is my Best Frickin Friend Forever! Love you!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Disneyland Pics 2010

I went and visited my amazing cousins in Cali and of coarse.. we went to DISNEYLAND! :)

Hahah a "moment"

The Boots

waiting for world of color(ps it was amazing)

Sulley totally freaked whit out!

couldn't resist whit i LOVE that pic!