Monday, January 10, 2011

My Roommate

'Ello All, this post is dedicated 100% to my roommate Rachel Michelle Taylor. 1st of all let me have a recap of mine and Rachels history. We met at college at Eastern Arizona, I moved in during the 2nd semester of her 1st year. BAM! we were friends... Then our 2nd year came and BAM! we were best friends. Then.. TRAGEDY she moved to Lubbock and I moved to Farmington... (oh sadness) THEN I moved to Mesa and not long after She also moved to Queen Creek aka all in the Valley... Then BAM we moved into an apartment together.... and BAM! we are adults HAHA its crazy how time flies and you don't even realize whats happening and how fast its all moving. All in all we work pretty stinking well together, now naturally being around each other constantly we have gotten into minor tifts and when i say minor i mean im pretty sure the only things we have disagreed on driving directions. HA.. seriously though it blows my mind that she is one of the only people that has realized how awkward I am when i first meet people, or how I am awful at saying goodbye to people and that I am the worst at giving compliments, not that i don't compliment people enough more along the lines of when I do compliment people it is in this awkward voice like they are going to tell my I'm wrong when I compliment people. HA. And lets not forget all my weird words that i never knew were weird. HAHAHA its strange to say that someone could open up my eyes on myself but Rachel truly has done that :) I love her to death and couldn't chose a better roommate even if i made up an imaginary one in my head she still wouldn't be as awesome as Rachel! I know that i can Vent and tell her things that she won't tell anyone else and that I can always rely on her to have my back. Whether its honking my horn at careless semi-trucks or yelling at trucks that almost run me over I know that rachel will always be there! She is my Best Frickin Friend Forever! Love you!

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