Friday, December 20, 2013

Okay Okay... The Wedding :)

Jaran and I were Sealed in the Idaho Falls LDS Temple on October 4th 2013. It was one of the most beautiful experiences I've ever had! Knowing that I am going to be with my Husband.. FOREVER, not just until "Death do us part" is pretty much amazing. I love this man with all that I've got :) He loves me for exactly who I am and Vice Versa. I'm not much of the sappy sort in public.... kinda ;) But basically he is what makes me whole. :) okay okay... enough of that... Here's what you really want! THE PICTURES-- First off....
My Maid of Honor was my lovely Younger sister Stevie Holgate--- And all My Bridesmaids were:
Lisette Hanson (Sister)
Rachel Larson (Bestie)
Brenna Tubb Price (Bestie)
Cherisa Ellis Suender (Bestie)
Tanith Applegate (Bestie Cousin)
Whitney Sangprasit (Bestie Cousin)
Kayla Richards (New Sister)
Kenzie Richards (New Sister)
Yeah that's a Total of NINE!!! Couldn't leave out any of them!
My Entire Reception in Idaho was done by Jarans Parents and it was GORGEOUS!!!!! They Own 2 Floral shops- Everyday Floral in Rexburg and Down to Earth Floral in Rigby- Down to earth did all my bouquets.. GORGEOUS!!! AND-- Every single Flower, petal, LEAF, at my reception was REAL! Every girls dream come true- the food was delicious and everything was PERFECT!-