Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So I read "The Help" And it is AMAZING one of the best books I've EVER READ! and I read.. A LOT. I don't know how to explain the amazing-ness of the book, except to say that I loved the movie JUST AS MUCH! I mean have you ever seen a movie where you were not disappointed about things left out that you thought were important? I have TONZ!!! but this followed the BOOK AMAZINGLY well and only left out a few MINOR details but you felt all the joy and sadness through the entire movie that I felt through reading the book! :)

NOW--- Having said that... I also read "ONE DAY"
AMAZING. SO GOOD, So FRUSTRATING, SO SAD, SO HAPPY! and the movie.. Just as good. Left out more details, and kind of didn't explain everything as well as i wished it had... HOWEVER TRUE to the book which I appreciated. :)

I am CURRENTLY Reading "Matched" and Can I just say that I enjoy it a lot. But I'm almost finished with the book and I feel there is soo much going on... Then I remembered it is a Trilogy. THUS I'm going to have  to read the next one to understand it all. The Author took a lot of time introducing the characters and setting ground work which I like because it will give more time for the actual plot in the rest of the books. (I HOPE)
So far so good :)
I have also just learned that Disney has gotten the rights to make the movies... NOW I am FULLY satisfied with this as long as they follow the book. Can I just say that I am a FULL DISNEY NUT and Love Disney and the Idea of everything DISNEY with all my heart.
THAT being said.
I was so Excited! DISNEY was making a movie of a book that I have read almost 10 times since childhood!
ELLA ENCHANTED. It was one of the most amazing books I'd ever read. It was funny and romantic and even in my childhood years I cried at the sad parts! :) I still love that book with ALL MY HEART!

THE MOVIE. BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT OF MY LIFE. Not only did they screw with the storyline (hardcore) they made everything STUPID! EVERYTHING was just dumb. DUMB DUMB DUMB. and can I say that if you haven't bought it for your daughters because the movie is dumb. PLEASE DO. The book is GREAT! MOVIE HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. I'm serious when I say it was one of the biggest disappointments in my ENTIRE life!!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Can you Say Random?! HA!

Do you ever look around and think "Wow. There is so much I could be doing."
Yes, this thought has crossed my mind a lot lately. I look at other people. Some people are crafty and craft ALL the time. Some people Work, work, work. I feel as though there is so much more I could be doing. I usually chose instead to read. Which I don't think is necessarily a bad thing,, I enjoy reading IMMENSLY. Its just grand being able to forget about your life nad get completely lost in the lives of real/fictional people. Because usually if theres a book written about them then its 90% MORE exciting than my life. I bet if i took Significant times in my life and mushed them together they could make a pretty good book. Then I look at people like my mom.. NOW that womans life is just SCREAMING for a book? Think about it, crazy family with all the steps sisters, half sister, real sister, brothers. Growing up livin up the street from her future husband, ahppy happy happy, then WHAM she has 2 daughters and finds out she has skin cancer. Then she gets over it has another daughter about 5 years after her middle daughter. happy/crazy life filled with family drama and thens he starts painting,crafting, then Cake Decorating then WHAM her 2 older daughters are in college and she find out she has ovarian cancer that has spead she goes through 3 rounds of Chemo and makes it through :) then just as things are getting abck to normal. she wins Cake Comp's. WHAM! the woman gets pneumonia, kidneys shut down, gets into her blood stream losing her toes while she is in a medical Induced coma, the whole time her husband never leaves her side while she is in the ICU for a month and a half, she wakes up decides to let them amputate her whole bottom legs (both) so she can walk. then not even 6 months after he surgery and the loss of her legs she is already walking, learming to drive with hand controls and re-teached her hands how to decorate cakes. ALL the while never once losing faith in the Lord or questioning her religious beliefs. MIX that with all her ridiuclous humor and awesome beliefs, you've got the most inspirational story in history! : P
And yes she is my hero, more than other people's mom's are thier hero. Because my mom is the strongest woman in the world. EASY.

So after all that I've decided that I would rather have a super boring life with no issues. HAHAH
I love my mom, because I WOULD NOT be able to do what she has down. all the time with a positive attitude.

ANYWAYS yes there is soo much more I could be doing. So I've decied to get back into my scrapbooking. along with i've found some more craft ideas that I woant to accomplish. all the while I have a list of about 30 books I plan on reading.
I just want my life to be full of joy and fun. and Hobbies are what makes life fun. Work is a means of providing for myself. While my hobbies will become my joy!
WOO HOO for joy. I also intend on finding a way to become a cheer coach and getting back into that.
I want to take more trapeze classes with my dear friend Niki, and I want to learn to eat healthy. this one is going to take some serious time but I know its what I need to do if i want to be healthy now and in my older years haha.

Wow this blog was a bunch of randomness... that is my life. Random.

OOH! I went to San Diego (formally known as...) and it was beautiful the weather was awesome! we stayed in the nicest Hotel we(Rachel) found on Priceline( PRICELINE NEGOTIATORS!) and stayed at the awesome beach ALL DAY saturday! It was the best! Stevie has officially moved down here and I am loving having someone from My family so close! :)

I s'pose I'll post pics eventually but yeah... this is a RaNdOm POST! :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

~August 10, 2011~

As of yesterday, August 10th OFFICIALLY became my own personal Friday the 13th.
No no, Not THIS Kind of Friday the 13th ------->

HAHA NO I'm talking a day where anything bad that can happen... DID.
Lets start at around ohhhhh 6:45 am.
at 6:45 Am. I woke up late, thus I was running late for work.
I'm driving on the road (just a LITTLE above the speed limit)
when I see a bird. Not an UGLY pigeon... no no a pretty Bird.
He's following another bird.... the first bird clears me and I'm thinkin' "He'll swerve out of the way, they always swerve."
Needless to say.. there was no Swerving by either party.
I looked in my rear view mirror and KABLOOHY
Feathers. Everywhere. Sad day.
Then I get to work and as I'm walking i notice that my right show feels really slippery.
I pull my shoe off and AGH!
It was full of blood! I had stubbed my toe the other day and the wound re-opened all in my pretty black shoes. and when I say a pool of blood we're talking all 5 of my toes were covered.. EEW!
So anyways I get done cleaning THAT mess up,
And .. as USUAL SOMEBODY is having issues with the phone So I call my Manager and she walks me through how to fix it. I switch one tiny switch. The ENTIRE FLOOR phone system goes out.... Lovely So i get people running out of their offices "My phone just went out" yaddy yadda yadda... SO yeah great. (don't worry got it back up)
SO then... I'm putting away the dishes, well slip and CRASH! i drop and break a glass...
THEN as i am cleaning up the glass I pick up a piece and (yup, you guessed it) I a sliver of glass in my thumb.
SO I doctor that out of my hand. and I think to myself. Okay nothing more can happen today.
Not 2 seconds later as I putting away some mail. I SLAM my fingers in a cabinet drawer.. a HEAVY cabinet drawer.

SO by this time... (it's only 12:30 mind you_
I'm thinking okay, nothing else can seriously happen.

Lunch= Good

Then I go in to help with the conference room people and...
Trip over my heels and almost tumble on my face. Luckily the table was close, but needles to say about 5 people just looked at me.

So that was my day. Luckily after that nothing else truly horrible happened. In fact the evening went splendid with My favorite friends and my wittle sister! :)
Saw a simply HILARIOUS movie, Crazy Stupid Love. If you haven't seen it. YOU MUST! its hilarious! easily one of my new favorites! :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar...

I haven't posted in WAY too long! but the reason is because I really don't have anything to post about. My life is the same as always except  I'm a lil more stressed with work stuff. I don't really feel like going into full detail on it though. Thus why I haven't blogged because I have recently not felt like documenting life. I haven't even written in my journal in such a very long time. Oh sadness! But I was having a rough day at work and my WONDERFUL Best Friend/Roommate made me a HAPPY BAG. This happy bag had everything you need! It was full of my favorite candy and drink AKA Reese's and Coke, and then it had a bunch of lil gifts such as a REAL pretty picture frame, super cute journal AND an amazing mermaid night light. Yes that was the best part and yes it is plugged into my wall in my room! :) She is a true Gem! don't know what I would do without her love and support.

So anyways here I am at work. The first calm day I've had all week (Knock on wood) and I was surfing the web (lol) and as I was doing my usual browse through clothes I got a pop up, NOW Regus NEVER gets pop ups on our network because everything good is blocked (Facebook,Youtube, etc.) so I was shocked to actually get one, I went to close it down and what was it? a REGULAR ARTICLE on something that I have been told I have and that I should watch. what was it you ask? wait for it.....

LOL yes, YES, I know.. I know... I'm a Holgate its in my genes! Its in my blood to love sugar. I mean JUST LOOK at who my parents are?!?!?!
But I was reading all the issues that come with sugar addiction..
Chronic Fatigue-Now this one can have a lot to do with the fact that I stay up late also, but why do I stay up late? could it be from the sugar and caffeine from drinking a coke at 8:00 at night? but really I get a decent amount of sleep at night and really shouldn't feel the constant fatigue in my body.
Anxiety- as I have said before in multiple posts I have anxiety, its not to the point where I need medication for it or what not but when I get anxious I have a couple coping mechanisms, the first (if possible) is just to go to sleep. That way I don't have to worry about what is making me anxious. The second is to have some chocolate or a coke.. hmmm see the problem?
~Sugar addiction contributes to hyperactivity, anxiety, depression, and difficulty concentrating- Lets not pretend like I don't have ALL of the above issues. Maybe my mom knows the most about all of these but they're there.
Anyways then I was just thinking about how much I really do CRAVE sugar, I mean I eat sugar packets for hells sake. Like legitimately I eat plain old white crystal sugar. Now here's the kicker.... As I am typing this I looked over at what I was drinking... you wanna know what it was.. Hot Chocolate... not shocking enough.. I add 2 packets of sugar to every cup I have. It's pathetic right? I mean I literally am incapable of not having sugar for a couple hours let alone an entire day?!!!?!?! SO anyways I plan to take action..
eventually :P

In the Famous words of Scarlett O'Hara "I won't think about that today, I'll think about that tomorrow"