Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thoughts.. oh the Randomness...

There are some people in this world that I think deserve a pass. A Get Out of Jail Free Card. Take my mom for instance... That woman has been thrown over the moon, and she is still going, just like the Energizer Bunny. However it seems like JUST when we're all settled and getting life back to a normal routine, WHAM-O! Something is thrown at us with brute force. Like.. Cancer... then Wham-O pneumonia= no legs.
So I sit here and life is calm and yeah we have tons of other things going on, but at least we all know how to handle those things, What in the world makes it okay for my mom to have any trials at all?
 I mean, ANY trials. Physical/Spiritual, I think she has paid her dues and she shouldn't have to deal with anything else. She should be exempt. But I guess that's not how the world works and someones faith will never stop being tried. I'm just glad to know that through any trials of my moms, the first thing she does is call on the Lord for help. When I was growing up I used to feel that it was kind of over the top. Don't get me wrong I fully believed in the power of prayer but I definitely didn't think that it could solve problems. It wasn't until my mom was in the Hospital with the pneumonia that I really could FEEL the power of prayer.
When my mom was sick, practically the entire Mormon World of Farmington (and non- Mormons too) we're praying for my mom and our family. I had never experienced so much love and and felt so many prayers in my entire life!
And to this day when I think about ALL the FOOD that was brought to us, I mean GOOD food, naturally there was your classic Mormon casseroles :P BUT sometimes someone would bring Stevie and I EXACTLY what we were craving and it would be a miracle. Our schedule that summer was pretty much this, Wake up, get dressed clean the house, go to the hospital.... sit... wait.... Dad would go home for about an hour tops to shower, and then we would go get him food, we'd stay for a while, then we would come home and sit.. and wait... when we had family in town they took us out and made us go and do things. It was nice to know they were there for us. Then it was my 21st birthday and I hadn't really even thought about it and my cousins all threw me a surprise party :) LOVE THEM 
Some days I would wake up to hear a lawn mower and the Bishop and all the Young Men would be out in our yard doing yard work, pulling weeds, and such. We'd come home from the Hospital and our house would be miraculously clean. For the first week I thought I was going to lose my mind from all the calls that I'd gotten. Not because I didn't appreciate them, but most of the time people were calling at 6-7 a.m. and being a 21 year old and a 16 year old... those early morning calls just did not help.
Any ways I totally got off track and started babbling, but basically what I was talking about in the beginning is that SOME PEOPLE deserve a pass, and I only wish that I could give that pass. But my mom is the strongest woman I know, She's a Fighter and a Spiritual Rock in my life. I will forever be grateful for her example to me in my life. She's Amazing. And I may be slightly obsessed with her, but think about if you almost lost your mom in a matter of 24 hours, how would you react? What feelings would you have?
 I personally have decided to NEVER EVER take advantage of her again. I make sure I tell her I love her every time I see or talk to her, and if we ever get in a fight or disagreement I try and make sure I am the first to apologize EVERY time.

Anyways that was probably random and boring.. Just thoughts...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Celebrity Obsession

Celebrity Obsession- Boy Crush Edition-
So a little while back I did THIS POST about my female celebrity Girl crush... And thought it was maybe a little WEIRD that I hadn't done my Boy Crush Edition. So here it is. The problem is there really are soo many!!! HAHA BUT I'll try and narrow it down to the main important ones.
 Umm..... I think my Oldest obsession is..

Chad Michael Murray. Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff totally set this one off, Then I discovered he was in One Tree Hill and That's all she wrote. I was in love.... He just has that look.... MMMMM Yeah nice Jaw line.
THEN there is the BELOVED  Johnny Depp... Who can resist that awesomely weird rugged grungy look he has going for him? I'm very serious when I say I would have in any role, From Sweeney Todd, to Secret Window there is not a single character of him that I do not LOVE! absolutely LOVE. :) I think the one I would prefer the most is NATURALLY Jack Sparrow, and my least but I will take is Edward Scissarhands (kinda kinky ;)

THEN comes the handsome Channing Tatam, And I actually prefer him in his She's the Man Days, he's not TOO rocked out to where he looks like a meat head.. like in G.I. Joe (not only was that a terrible movie he just looked overly built.) Yup He is my fav in Step Up and She's The Man.

SO NOW COMES.... Jensen Ackles. OH. MY. HEAVENS. Supernatural is one of my absolute FAVORITE shows and he is not only super hot, but Ridiculously FUNNY! and I know he is in real life too because I've watched the bloopers! : P  Anyways there is basically no way to explain how wonderful he is... he JUST IS.

NOW my absolute FAVORITE OBSESSION.. Like.... along with MILLIONS of other girls.. I Literally LOVE him. So cute. and he is suuper funny, because I've seen him on Ellen, and he wears Jumpin Jammerz. So Funny. So Hot. So wonderful..... Ryan Gosling.. Yea I know what you're thinking "Oh, The Notebook guy,.." WRONG, yes he is wonderful in The Notebook, but I DISTINCTLY remember commenting about how cute he was in Remember the Titans. BOOM. I've been a fan LONG before The Notebook.

I couldn't help it with that picture he is just sooo adorably awesome in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

So there you have it. My Celebrity Obsession- Boy Crush Edition. :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I work with TONS of different clients, different types of people come in and MOST of the time I am a super happy, helpful person. But I was just irked. Not to an extreme level because I still have the ability to type this without misspelling words. HOWEVER. A gentlemen comes in today. He mumbles something about doing something with a printer. So I say, "okay, do you have a company name, or a persons name I can contact for you?"
He says "No, I'm here."
I say " Yes sir, you are but this is executive suites and so I'm not sure which company you're looking for."
He Says *insert eye rolling* "let me look it up"..... "V--N" (Company name has been blocked)
I say " Okay let me call them and I'll let them know you're here, Whats YOUR company name again?"
Now instead of just telling me his company name he points to his shirt with an incredibly small logo on it (like I'm supposed to be able to read what its says while being distracted by his incredibly abnormal man boobs.)
So then, I asked him what he was here to do for them, and he says *insert eye rolling* "I said I'm here to program a pick up printer and...  Yaddy yadda yadda computer lingo"
I say "They'll be right with you, you can go ahead and have a seat."
But does he graciously take a seat? NO! He annoyingly stands there staring at me and my desk. CLEARLY I was done socializing with him. And then when my client comes to retrieve this gentleman he waves the man back and the gentleman looks at me and says "Is that the guy?"
and I say "Yup, he's signaling you" .. Considering he was the ONLY person in the reception area.... he definitely wasn't flapping his arms at me... (okay I didn't say the last part, but I wanted to.)
Anyways How annoying and rude can people be?!
BUT, then I try and remember he was probably just having a bad morning and my sauciness is not going to make either one of us any happier... so I decided to blog about it and get it out of my day. :)
Happy Tuesday!

Friday, February 17, 2012


I am SO Mature these days. HAHA JUST KIDDING! but I guess instead of saying I'm mature I can honestly say that I am an adult. HAHA without getting into too much detail I'd just like to say that I was able to look at a situation this week, make the adult mature decision. and Then I started to think of the decision I WOULD have made even just a year ago. and THEN I felt so.... well in the words of my very best friend "CHANGED"  and only in a positive way. I am able to say that I am so happy with me, and my decisions in life.
It feels good! :)
SO for an update, I have been just sooo BUSY, I have a new co-worker and she is real nice but super into the "Regus" way of doing things, So I'm learning a lot but I have hardly any time for my Blogging and my Pinteresting?! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA
My personal life is on the ups as well But THAT will have to wait for another post another time! :)

I miss my family! I haven't been home in a while and I think its about that time to see my mommy and daddy!!!
Not to mention my beloved lil puppy!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Oh My HEAVENS! It's crazy that when you actually get a life, you seem to have no time for blogging.. WEIRD :P Anyways I've been super busy at work the last week or so and its been nothing but wildness in my personal life. SO Lets see where to begin. WELL Rachel Surprised me with a cat, We named him Prince PrettyPaws Taylgate, And here we are a week an a half later, after fits of anger and destruction and rashes, we've given him away to a fellow cat lover on craigslist. It was for the best. Neither Rachel or I have time for a pet, and considering the fact that both Rachel and mines "Life getting" happened to coincide with "cat getting" it just didn't work out. But we know he will be loved. :) *** she showed up in a cat shirt- winning.
ANYWAYS, That's all I feel like sharing for the moment. We'll see if I have anything more to share in the future.
P.S. I am giving a talk in Church on Sunday, PRAY FOR ME! I'll need it! :)