Monday, August 30, 2010

One Month Left...

Okay folks I have endured 8 months of massage therapy school. I can say that holy cow its a lot harder than I thought it would be. I didn't know that when they said I would have to learn anatomy they meant that I would have to DEVOUR my anatomy book and learn the body inside and out along with a whole bunch of pathology! but I can honestly say that I could go to ANY University and be able to pass the anatomy course. Besides all the struggle of learning everything I really do fully enjoy massage therapy and hope to be able to find a job at a spa. I prefer what is called "Fluff and Buff" massage AKA Relaxation Massage because it is relaxing and the most mentally beneficial sometimes all people need in this world is to step back and take themselves out of the world and RELAX what better way than to get a massage?
Besides all the Learning and such and school getting in the way of my social life I fully enjoyed all of it, mainly due to the people I was in school with. I could never have done it without my friends in class making it enjoyable to go to school AKA SARAH and JORDAN and all the other friends made along the way! I will truly miss seeing everyone's [well mostly everyone's ;)] faces every day and having some of the funnest and most random discussion possible. School would have been unbearable without you! Oh and Of coarse I have to acknowledge my 2 besties when even though they tried their hardest to get me to skip (and succeeded more than once :P) they always understood and encouraged me to succeed! Also My parents for allowing me to follow a weird Whim to go to the most expensive school possible and enroll. They always support me in everything I have EVER wanted to do and that means more to me than anything. I truly have no idea where life will lead me after school but I do know that it will be just another adventure and I will have the people that matter the most backing me up the whole way! :) lol this seems like a speech for some achievement I just hope that after I post this some crazy something doesn't happen and I don't end up graduating! ;) we shall see!!!!!!! :)