Sunday, August 23, 2009

4th of July!

Meredith and I.. Don't even know what to say about this girl except that she frickin' Rocks and we always have lots and lots of fun together full of laughter!!!!

AAAAh Clayton lol he had gone and moved to Hawaii that Butthead lol but i luv him none the less!! lol

All the girls waitin around to watch the Firworks!!

And here we have the FIREWORKS!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My 21st Birthday!

Well Sad Day.. my mom became very Ill and was in the Hospital fro about 2 months and sadly she missed my birthday.. but a blessing out of a disaster was that a lot of my family was in town so they all got together and threw me a 21st birthday party.. those tricky cousins of mine knew all about it and didnt let on until the very end.... trixy lil things they are :)

My wonderful cake from coldstone that my aunt Kimmy got me:) ( not like my mommys but it was still stinkin' good icecream cake )

ME and the wonderful Kimmy herself!! :) LOVE YOU OODLES AND OODLES!!!! :D

AAAhhh the Three Amigos Reunited again.. how we wait for these days that we can cherish our laughter... okay so that was a bit crazy but its true these two have been there for me through everything and i love them with all my heart!!

Brianna's Bridal Shower!!

The First thing i would like to say about Brianna's Bridal shower is that it was totally fun!!! :) Whit, Me and Tannie really had a fun time with it :) the food was AMAZING! and the decorations totally cute! i provided games that i think everyone enjoyed lol Brianna is one of my favorite people in the world and whether we were goin on double dates in highschool or just messin around as cousins I've always had tons of fun with her.. even if she would use her brute force to flip me over the couch when we were kids ;)

Lol this was my favorite game that i planned, everyone draws what they think Brianna will look like on her wedding day.. the catch is that the have to draw it on thier heads!! :) others included the natural "How much do you know about the Groom and Bride" Games lol

(Below) This is my Fav pic of Brianna Showing off some of the gifts she got at the Bridal shower (why yes that is a man thong she has in her hands!) who was it from you ask?

Well My Older Sister Of COURSE!

My Summer in Short

Lets See.. where to begin!
Well I moved back to Farmington after school to be home for a bit and then move to Mesa AZ at the end of the summer! So I was home and my older sister Lisette cam home to visit for a bit and we went to Durango and the Mesa Verde ruins and such!

In Durango we got to Dress up in the Old West! :)

Lisette, Me, and Stevie at the Mesa Verde Ruins! My Mom and I at the Ruins

My Dad and Me!! :)

Monday, August 10, 2009


lol okay so i never get on this thing but i thought it would be fun to post something new!! lol first of all.. Im back home in Farmington for a bit.. woopee lol BUT also i have a CAT! lol his name is Squirrel and he is the coolest cat in the world! super hyper though and a bit psychotic... also he attacks anything that moves a few pics... of coarse!

This is him when i very first got him.. practically and ANGEL!!

lol me and him chillin watching TV.. FYI he is part Asian Leopard.. thus he has ridiculously cool markings! lol

this is my most recent picture of him haha he looks sooooo innocent....