Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Name Is Bond...

The Name is Bond, James Bond. .... WOW what classic lines! Now I have to say that for being such a unique character a lot of actors have played his role! Sure we've all seen the awesome movies full of action, Hotties, and hoochy girls in swimsuits, but where did it all start?

Well according to wikipidia- Commander Sir James Bond is an officer of the British Secret
Intelligence Service (SIS) commonly known as MI6. He was created in Jan. 1952 by British journalist Ian Fleming. So all these awesome books were written that were later turned into awesome Movies. The very first 007 was Sean Connery in Dr. No. He starred in 6 more movies but was then replaced by George Lazenby he played in one film. (who?) Then came Roger Moore(7 films), Timothy Dalton(2 films), and then of coarse Pierce Brosnan. (4 films). Later on came Daniel Craig who has been in 2 films so far. Now so that being that there have been 6 James Bond I decided to take a poll on who was everyone's FAVORITE 007.

(the Drawing is Ian Flemmings Original Sketch of His 007)

IN FIRST PLACE of coarse came the amazing SEAN CONNERY. (he wins my vote hands down)

Not only is he the ORIGINAL he is also the hottest. Sean Connery (according to voters) was the ideal Sexy Manly James. the Ladies Man all the way he truly was the epitome of Bond: Suave Debonair, and always had a quick wit about him. Along with the perfect low British Accent, Thus making him the undefeated Champion of Bond, James Bond.

And in 2nd Place. Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig, according to polls he isn't the "invincible" Bond that everyone is used to making him more a real person to people and according to polls he is "Hot"

NOW as for me personally. I Do Not like Daniel Craig I can't really explain it and I am probably going to bug some people with this but I truly don't think he holds a candle to Sean Connery, not saying that many that came after him could but I mean Idk I don't feel that James would lose sight of his job for a girl, but maybe that would be the writers fault. According to other poll takes Daniel Craig is "Cold" and another said that "Daniel Craig Bothers me For Some reason, I never pictured 007 as a Blonde" SAME HERE POLL TAKER.. SAME HERE.

And Tied in 3rd comes Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan.- Now Roger Moore was hands down a great James Bond. and well Peirce..... You were Hot and had a nice English accent.... Good Enough! LOL i think the reason that I personally picture Brosnan after Connery as James Bond is because he was the Bond when I was growing up, AND have you Played 007 on the old PlayStation.... It was HIM! lol so yes those are our WINNERS!

AND To be nice we will Post the Pics of the other 2 unworthy James Bonds---

George Lazenby as 007

Timothy Dalton as 007

AND a Quick Shout out to My girls who made up their own James Bond (Meredith and Rachel) so here's to JENSON ACKLES and John Mayer as 007.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


HELLO FREEDOM! Everyone! I have finished massage school! holy moly I'm done! passed all my classes and now I'm ready to join the working world... or am I? I sure hope I am! anyways i can't TECHNICALLY get a massage job until I'm licenced which wont be for about another 8 weeks.... BOO! soooo what the crap amd I gonna do for 8 week.... get another job! Suckey I know but i need mula now and can't wait for a massage job! so hopefully i will still be able to massage on the side until i have built up my clientele enough to be able to do massage only! woot!

So yeah this next months hold a lot in store for me!

I am hopefully moving into an apartment with my Bestie Rachel Taylor in Queen Creek!! where we will be right across the street from My other Bestie Meredith Mitchell! oh the joy and fun that will be in Queen Creek! Hell Yes! So yeah life is great and then I get to go home for my cousin Taniths wedding! that will be an awesome time! and the whole time i will be searching for a job! YAY! oh the wonders and adventures that lay before me!

But on a lighter note Rachel pointed out to me the other day something quite humerus in my book. Ties. Who the crap made up the Tie? Who said that if they tie a long piece of fabric around their neck into a confusing knot that it will make them look "nice" or "Professional"? So i googled it! :) and sources say!!!

Yahoo Answers Said:

They originated in Croatia in the 1600s. Most people believe they were a symbol of love and devotion not to mention fidelity from loved ones to soldiers that were on their way to war. They probably looked more like a scarf back then and evolved into what they are today.

Where as says:

Who created the first business suit?The well-dressed man about town should wear clothes that are simple, functional and discreet, George Bryan "Beau" Brummell commanded in the early 19th century. By advocating well-cut, tailored clothes, Brummell essentially invented what has come to be known as the "British look"
Brummell rejected 18th century frills. His mandate, a dark blue coat, buff-coloured pantaloons and waistcoat, black boots and a clean white neck cloth, survives today as the dark business suit, white shirt and silk tie.

So there you have it of coarse the Tie didn't come from America.. we don't ever make anything up on our own. LOL but why is it considered Fancy? because royalty could afford the silk and the poor people couldn't. Neat right?