Wednesday, April 27, 2011

10 Things I Want to do, but probably will never do...

So I Dream. I have things that I really WANT to do, but I probably will never do them. So I decided to make a list of these things that I WANT to do but probably never will. (I say PROBABLY because, Who Knows?!)

10. Become a Singer: Lets Face it, I can sing pretty nice, But I don't have the most amazing or unique voice. and I also lack the connection to other famous people, and am not prepared to sell my soul to be famous. (UNLIKE some Singers... cough Lady GaGa, cough cough BUT REALLY SHE CAME OUTTA NO WHERE AND WHAM! SHE's a Cult Ruler.)
9. Learn Italian: Yea, random right. I just think it sounds cool and I would love to say "I speak Italian" However since I lack the patience to actually try ad learn it. Ill just stick to my native tongue. AMERICAN. (Said in Ricky Bobby voice)

8. Be a Billionaire: I've come to the realization that I would be one kick-ass Billionaire. HOWEVER considering that I really am looking to marry for love instead of money I have a stinking suspicion that alas I might just have to settle for middle-class :P
7. Go On Broadway: I know what you're thinking "Isn't this exactly like #10" well my answer to your question is "NO! IDIOT" Broadway is BROADWAY! That is something that I feel my voice would be perfect for because as we all know I enjoy mimicking the way people sound when they sing and I can put character into my voice. HOWEVER I lack the acting skills and dance technique that comes along with Broadway. Thus I'll just have to stick with my Car-eoke hour drive, and trips.

6. Live in a Foreign Country: I just want to say that "I Spent a year in Europe." OR "Well, While I was Living in Australia" However.. I love my family and friends way too much to not be able to drive to see them if I needed them. HOWEVER if the opportunity presented itself I really feel i would take it! :)

5. A Tattoo: STRIKE ME DOWN NOW! BUT I think that a small discrete tattoo can be nice. Especially if it has meaning behind it. I just want one down my side. (overdone I know but whatever!)

4. Win the Lottery: Yes, yes I know. That's Gambling. But I mean really how cool would it be to have payed one dollar for something and then get 1 million or more dollars back??! Sounds EXCITING! and yes I do play power ball randomly. (you can't win if you don't play) haha

3. Be Blonde: Yes yes. I Know that this is EASILY done with chemicals and such. HOWEVER I also know that I am not meant to be blonde and I will NEVER dye my hair blonde. I just secretly want to be  blonde. Maybe its because I'm jealous my lil sister is the only blonde out of the daughters or maybe I just want to see if blonde's really do have more fun. All I know is its something that I SECRETLY want and will never have.

2. Botox: Yea Yea i know I'm too young to worry about wrinkles and crap like that but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about my lips. or the lack there-of. I have always had small little lips. no big deal they fit on my abnormally small face. BUT then I was watching a TV show (Teen Mom) and the mother on this show had REALLY REALLY small lips, and then I realized that's what MY lips are going to look like in 20 or so years. So I want botox, BUT I'm afraid of needles and there are soo many things that could go wrong during the procedure and what if I look like a duck? (which is the most likely outcome)

AND the Last and SADDEST Lost Want of all...
1. I want to be a Disney Princess at Disneyland. NO we aren't talking just ANY Princess. I want to be Belle. I really feel like I would LOVE THAT! In FACT! I KNOW I would LOVE IT! Alas My cousin (who has worked for Disney) Told me about the grueling process it is and its not easy. Alas My prime is running out and .... I don't  live there and probably never will. Thus Kiss my #1 Dream Goodbye... Le Sigh

So there you have it there are 10 Things I Really Want to do, BUT probably never will. :)

P.S. I could so be Belle and Look WAAAY better than this chick... Just Sayin.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Home Is Where The Heart Is...

AAAAH... HOME! Sadly it was a bit of a quick trip. Let me rephrase that.. It was a SUPER quick trip! But I'm glad I went any ways. So here's how it played out.
Rachel and I left around 6:30 after work (7:30 NM Time) So we got into Farmington around 2! WOO!
So then we went to sleep around 3, woke up at 9:30 ish, then got ready and ate at my FAVORITE Farmington restaurant with my wonderful cousin Tanith and Her Husband Joe! It was great times, we told Rachel a bunch of scary stories about the "Witches Circle" and Tannie actually told is the story behind it! INTERESTING! HA
So then we went home and started to get Stevie ready for prom. And BOY was that a Process! JK she Looked beautiful and had the best hair out of anyone and looked the HOTTEST too! ;)
Then After that we took a break, and here's where it gets exciting!
I told Rachel we were going to have dinner with My Best Friend Cherisa, HOWEVER what Rachel didn't know was that our wonderful friend Matt Thompson had driven up from ABQ to SURPRISE HER! So we get to the restaurant and He opens the door and says "Hello Ladies" and Rachel goes " Hello, PAUSE, HIIII!!!!!" YES! we Surprised her good! she was so happy to see Matt as was I. Rachel hadn't seen him in almost 3 years! INSANELY TOO LONG! :) So then after we had dinner and fun with Matt we went back to my house and slept.
Then on Sunday My Dad made us Cinnamon toast.. (MMM just a taste of home!) and we watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Then my family went to Church and After my mom bawled and I teared up, Rachel and I packed our stuff and headed out on the open road! :)
Where we stopped in Holbrook and took pictures with all of the random Dinosaurs there. I guess they are obsessed with them because there is a lot of Petrified wood and such. (Who Knows?)
But yeah! that was our quick trip to Farmington! I hope Rachel had fun! I know its not the most exciting town but its MY HOMETOWN! ;)
Loves- aubs...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


SO I'm kind of a Germ-o-Phobe. Nothing serious like Emma on Glee, but mildly. HA I Clorox my work desk at least once a day, if not twice. Along with both my work phones, the mouse and the keyboard. Now of coarse everyone thinks this is normal. When I worked at Reliance Medical Office, it was way more than normal in fact it was a necessity. (Drug screen area = CRAZY ) Now every one is probably thinking "oh that's completely normal" since I share my work station with other people and such.
But what about cell phones?
I Clorox my Cell Everyday at work. EVERY DAY!
I have been made fun of for it in the past which I don't mind because I admit that I'm an odd duck :)
HOWEVER to all you people that made fun of me


I bet you wish YOU were a Germ-O-Phobe just like me! ;)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Look What I Did...

So for those of your who don't already know, I need to go to AA meetings.. no no not "Alcoholics Anonymous" more like "Amazon Anonymous" I shop on Amazon, I just can't help it they have all the old movies you could ever dream of! not to mention books for like 4 dollars. SO anyways I've been searching for MONTHS for a corner book case. I found one at Hobby Lobby that i liked but it was 70 dollars and me being a Cheap-o with my own money just couldn't get myself to buy it. So one fine day of work I was on Amazon (SHHH...) and I found it. A PERFECT CORNER BOOK CASE! and how much you may be asking... 25 dollars. THAT'S IT! So along with a book and another movie I bought myself a book case. It said "No Tool Assembly Required" and I thought "Psh, yea right this thing is probably gonna be a B*tch to put together" (yes I do have a horrible foul mouth in my head, along with my daily life.) So it finally came and I got it.

It comes in this small box and I'm thinking "Oh great its probably half the size of the picture and you have to buy two to make it that size..." then I pull out the instruction and think "Huh, this looks easy enough" and Voila! I assembled that sucker in 5 minutes Flat! and it was basically too good to be true! SURE its not the HIGHEST quality thing but it serves my purpose perfectly! :) So happy with it I immediately started to place my books and such in it. (I feel that book cakes always have to have more than just books) So after doing that I felt mildly motivated and hung up my 3 Keys and My Key hole on the wall. I felt rather productive and decided to show you! :) ENJOY!-

P.S. Funny Side note The bottom of the box said " Made in Malaysia" and I immediately got the image of a Huge Malaysian Spider come crawling out of it with its babies. Don't laugh like it hasn't happened.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

scratch that! REVERSE!

It has been brought to my attention that In my previous post "Holy busy days batman" I said that I had nothing to do in the month of May.. I LIED!
I can't believe I forgot one of the MOST important things I have going on!


Holy Moses! My lil baby sister is graduating. making me feel SO Old! I mean really?!

Anyways I'm so happy Stevie is graduating I think we all know its been a long, tough road with Stevie and I but she and I are (currently :P) the Best of Sisters! :) All three of us Holgate's girls are Fully AWESOME!

I AM SO PROUD of my lil Sister! she is such a Stinker but I STINKING LOVE HER. She is so fun and so random and I luv it!

YAY for Stevie and YAY for graduating... the only question left is


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I went to Trapeze Class!!!!! OMG it was soooo Fun I basically had the best time of my life, flying through the air. Gave me the feeling that Stunting always gives me! :) below is a link to the FB video and obviously here are some pics too! :)

I got a Certificate for making my "Catch" on the First try! :)

p.s. I'm Running away and Joining the Circus, Wish me Luck! ;)


Friday, April 8, 2011


So If someone was to ask me "Hey hows life?" for the past few weeks Ive been able to say "Good, Just workin, the usual." they would come back with "Oh thats good, anything new or exciting?" I would reply "No, not really." thus ending probably the most boring conversation, making me seem like the most boring person in the world.


I dare you to ask me what I'm going to be up to...

(Insert question here)


April 11th= TRAPEZE CLASS! Heck yes you read that right! and yes when i say Trapeze i mean Cirque Du Solei KIND!

April 15th-17th- I'm Going home! (as stated in a previous Blog)

April 22nd-24th- A Free Weekend but definitely not a boring one, it being my friend Becky's Birthday and ALL! :)

April 29th-May 1st- LAS VEGAS BABY!!! WOOT! NOT ONLY am I going to Vegas, but I am ALSO going to see John Mayer and Keith Urban. YEAH Buddy!!!


May... So far as I can tell May will be another Chill Month.

WHICH will be necessary because JUNE! is going to be just as intense!

here goes June

June 3rd-5th- Lake Havasu (tentative)

June 10th-11th- Wedding #1 in Farmington for my beautiful Cousin Aslyn!

June 14th- My 23rd Birthday! YIKES!!!

June 17th-19- Wedding #2 My Best Friend Cherisa's WEDDING!!! :)

Then the last weekend in June has no plans.. HOWEVER, it being Summer and All I'm sure it will be another Fun filled weekend with my Favies!!!

(you know who you are!)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Did I ever mention that I get Anxiety attacks? I mean not to the point where I stop breathing and go all crazy.. no no my anxiety attacks are slow and gradual so they are more like secretly planned operations planned by the enemy in my life. So I have no idea when they are gonna hit they just spring on me! Kind of like Pearl Harbor, It was an attack that was perfectly planned by Japan and we (the U.S.) had no clue it was coming. So yeah back to my anxiety, here's how they start.
-Stress- No no not like tons of stress, just like something small kind of like a stick in the road, not one big enough that you would have to dodge it (using the 5 D's), you would simply move around it. In the End that stick is still in the road.

-Complications- You know that feeling where there is clearly an issue but you frankly have no idea how to fix the situation, most people work on the situation until it is fixed. Me on the other hand I ignore the complication, I move right on past it and pretend its not there. Just like that stick in the road, the complication stone is still there.

-Realization- Realization that all the random sticks and stones in the road decided to catch a bus and pass me and then jump off and make one huge pile and road block in the road.

-The Attack- That's the point when I realize that I can't just pretend my issues don't exist and my hearts begins to race, my head gets really jittery, my body starts to ache, and in serious cases.... yup I puke. HaHa LUCKILY its been almost a year since I've had one that bad.(knock on wood)

Needless to say I starting having an attack the other morning, then I came to a realization Its not always gonna be butterflies and roses in every situation. I'm starting to not care about the stupid rocks and sticks! yeah they put a block in my road but I'm gonna take a bulldozer and knock them right back to where they came from. I'm tired of feeling like I should be able to fix everything and make everything better because I can't. I'm gonna do me and tell the world to Suck it! I'm gonna pick up those sticks and stones and tell them to get the hell outta my road! HA!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Home.. UPDATE!

SCRATCH that last post! UPDATE! I'm going home! when you ask? why this month of coarse! to be exact Rachel and I will be traveling up to Farmington the weekend of the 15th to help my little sister get ready for Prom. Rachel the hairstylist will obviously be doing Stevie's hair! (Thanks again Rachel!!! BFFF) and I will be doing her make-up.. yay!! I feel really bad for Rachel because its not like its going to be the funnest trip ever but she will get to experience a lil bit of my home! yay! I'm gonna take her to my absolute FAVORITE restaurant SI SENORS... yeah its basically the best EVER! (In my personal opinion) basically that's all I have planned, besides it being a horribly long drive to drive after work... Its gonna be rough, but fun! I'm super excited about it because I've been super homesick lately! SO FUN! Super excited! Yeah! yay! HOME SWEET HOME... SOON! -Aubs