Monday, December 27, 2010


OH MY HELL.... I'm overly bored at work with quite literally nothing to keep me occupied.. I had to go t a new center and my heavens is it the slowest flippin center...... BOOORRRING! so yeah I Figured I'd write about how wonderful my Christmas was. its always amazing to be around family and show how much we care about those around us. I wish i had been able to go to Church on Sunday I feel like this year i really missed the entire meaning of Christmas because i wasn't able to hear all the wonderful holiday lessons and sing the Christmas hymns in church. which are my favorite hymns... Thus I've decided that next year I'm going to listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas songs the entire season instead of the commercialized Christmas songs... GOAL! but i guess since that's not until next year I will settle with listening to only church music on Sunday before church! :) GOAL!.. anyways.. I should have been back at my own center almost an hour ago.... SOOO bored... bored bored bored.. I really even have nothing to write about... at all........ LAME ooohhh I know! I got an Audrey Hepburn book in the mail called "what would Audrey do?" and I'm super excited to start reading it, ONCE i finish the count of Monte Cristo which I am soooo close to the close.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

**** UPDATE!

LOL sooo update on my face. It was Emphantigo. Gross. Anyways its basically an overly nasty thing that got on my face. Luckily It went away within about a week after i got my meds from my great uncle, and then Rachel's wonderful mom Alice told me to get cortizone cream to put on it! they are a couple if life savers!!! :) my face still kind of has some red spots on the corners of my mouth but they aren't too bad... So that's a nice lil update with that!

NEXT on the list

I GOT TO GO TO DISNEYLAND!! not only did I get to spend an awesomely fun weekend with my cousins I also was able to to see WORLD OF COLOR and can I just say that it was BEAUTIFUL! a total tear jerker! Well at least I teared up because it flooded my memory with all my favorite childhood memories with my family and all the fun times that Disney has brought into my life. Sounds cheesey but it totally has and continues to do so!


Its pretty sweet it even has my picture on it and everything... cept its an awful picture but hey it happens! haha so yeah I'm official! .. Now to pay off those student loans.. YUCK!


OH can i just say that I truly and enjoy my job. The Lemon-faced b*itches have calmed down and are even nice to me now! Holy Moly! and during this Christmas holiday Clients have given me almost $200 worth of Money/Gift Cards Etc. to show their appreciation for all that I do. WOW! feels good to get recognized so nicely! I really do enjoy my job! It makes me feel productive, I get to meet new people, and the money isn't too bad either! ;)

SO anyways now is the time I would like to talk about all the wonderful people in my life that makes living worth it! (this is in no apparent order)

#1 My Family! Big shout out to my Dad for loving me unconditionally and always making sure that I never go with out everything I need and a lil extra :P He truly is a great Dad and I have so many memories with him that I would never give up for anything. He truly shows me what the word patients means (except when it comes to food :P) I admire my Dad in so many ways that I couldn't possibly name them all.

Shout out #2 to my MOM... I know you have heard me say it a bajillion times but here goes. YOU ARE MY HERO. no other ways to say it than that. Through all that you have gone through and endured you have done it with a smile on your face, hiding from everyone how hard it really is for you to put on that smile and be happy and go on with daily life. I admire your courage and the strength that you show. Most of all I admire your unwavering Faith in the Lord. It boggles me that you could Go through Cancer one year and then the next year lose your legs and still have so much faith and love for our Heavenly Father. Not once have i ever heard you curse the Lord when so many would blame him for your tragedies. Where as you thank him for saving you and making you stronger. I don't think you will ever know how much I truly look up to and I have no idea what I would do with out you giving me advice ever day and letting me call and cry to you when I am upset over lil dramas. You mean the world to me!!!

#3 STEVIE... OH STEVIE... You. you and I have gone through some rough times, whether it was you stealing my spot as the youngest, Biting my chest, stealing my clothes and then insisting they were yours, you always knew how to get under my skin and you were good at it too! (still are) but what I would like to tell you now is that I'm sorry for never letting you play with me, I'm sorry for making you watch while we all played barbies, I realize now that I was truly horrible I was to you sometimes, unable to realize that all you really wanted was to play with me. Well we are way past that now. You a my lil sister. I love you so much and whether i like to admit it or not I look to you in so many ways. You are so fun and spunky and im envious of your ability to bring Life and fun to every situation! LOVE YOU PEEBERS!

#4 SETTY!!!! MY SETTY! You are the BEST big sister anyone could have ever asked for. I cannot explain how great it feels to have a lil big sister that I can beat up on and she still loves me! :) You are the sweetest person I know you simply have a wonderful heart and you are such an example to me on how to be nice to people even when they are pure evil to you. I look up to you in more ways than you know! I admire you for your ability to see the good and beauty in everyone. Your artistic skills are out of this world and I am secretly envious of your ability to express your feelings with lil pictures that you draw and send through text message :) you're my big sister and if anyone ever has anything negative to say about you i would immediately ruin their lives for even having the idea to put you down. You re amazing and you don't even know it! :)

#5 Rob, My dear brother in law! We all know that you and I don't exactly see eye to eye on most things but when we do agree we agree to the fullest! I enjoy your company and know that you are the perfect guy for my older sister. Who else could handle her childlike and mushy ways except for you. You embraced our crazy family to the fullest and we appreciate you for who you are. It makes it even better that you LOVED Disneyland as much as we do! :) I know that you will always take care of my big sister and if you don't you know that you'll have me to answer to! BAHAHA

#6 My Bestie/Roomie Rachel Taylor!

You are FIRST my Best Friend and then roommate. Rachel words cannot express how much i freakin love you! You have been there for me this past year so much and I know that i can talk to you anytime I need and you'll be there to listen and let me vent. I appreciate everything you do for me. I love that your family makes me feel like i am one of the family and I love them all sooo much. It makes living far from my family a lot easier knowing that anytime I needed to your mom would make me dinner or your brothers would help us with unload furniture. I love that you let me play with your nieces and nephews as if they were my own since my older sister is a lil slow on the baby makin! :) You and your family make my life in Arizona as fun as it is and I am sooo grateful for you and them. LOVES YOU!!!


I freakin love you girl. you are my BFFF we have had soo many fun times together whether it was failing astronomy, skateboarding, tanning, drive-in movies, or just sitting on Greg's couch watching TV and Jolie. I could never describe how much these times have brought joy to my life and I know that we will have many more where those came from! You and I can just sit and do absolutely nothing and be completely entertained. We make up scenarios where we talk out what we would say if this happened and what not and our schemes never go according as planned but it doesn't matter because whatever we do together we have fun together. LOVE YOU!

#8 Cherisa and Brenna. You two have been my best friends since high school and that will never change. Whether we see each other once or twice a year it doesn't matter because when us three get back together its like nothing nothing ever changed. Your the best friends I've ever had and I love you both with all my heart. You are my sisters!!!! Brenna You're already married and starting your life with a great guy! and Cherisa will be next! I am soo happy for both of you and I know that no matter how far away we are or in how many different states we will stay Best Friends!!!! I love you girls!!!!!!

#9 My cousins!

All my cousins!!! You girls are the greatest! Growing up with you all was the best time of my life! I love you guys soo much and I know that when everyone else fails me you girls will always be there for me!! Tannie and Whit you are my AMIGOS!! :) I will forever love and appreciate you guys!!! there's not much i can say except that you are amazing and I know that I sometimes don't show my appreciation to all of you but i hope you know that nothing and nobody could replace you girls!!!

To all my other friends:
I love you all and i think you're all amazing! Everyone that I have met this year has changed me in one way or another! Thank you for all the fun times!! Lets rock the rest of the year and next post you hear about my new years resolutions! WOO!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010


I have a rash, no no no its not like that!!!! As long as I can remember every time I had a LITTLE bit of stress in my life I would break out into some obnoxious rash!
Exhibit A- Freshman year. My first time ever experiencing finals. Having teachers tell me constantly that my entire life goals depended on how i did on my finals(liars) i was also in harder classes than originally planned because all my friends were smarter than me(fact) soooo oh and Cheer tryouts were starting and I really wanted to be on Varsity. All this added up to a single red circle on my back. Now it being circular and us cheerleaders having the wrestlers always practicing on our mats made us automatically assumed that it was ring worm. Sooo i put ringworm stuff on it for a while.. then I noticed that "huh, weird there is another one kind of right beside it." (oh, in the meantime the 1st one grew to be about the size of a fifty-cent piece, if anyone can remember what those even look like anymore) then came the rush, practically over night my whole body was covered in lil tiny red spots that itched. so i went to my uncle kennard (the doctor) and he told me it was some weird thing caused from stress that started with "the mother ship" and then it "spawned its babies" soooo long story short I got some meds and it cleared up in about a week.
Exhibit B- Junior year- Who knows what the hell i was supposed stressed about but one day i find this red thing on right arm it kinda looked like a Zit, thus i popped it, it scabbed over... and just kinda never healed.... sooo I would try and clean it with stuff and what would it do? scab over and get a lil bigger.. this went on for about at least a month until finally my mom was like "hmmm, maybe we should get that looked at" sooo what did it turn out to be? Some weird that that horses(yes horses) get. sooo my uncle had to scrape the scab off and put some stuff on it and then yup prescribe me more pills
Exhibit C- Last week.. I get a weird looking lip zit right at the corner of my mouth on the left side of my face, it has a white head soo i pop it... then it gets really really dry i mean like super dry like the skin is flaking off and its kind of spreading i did everything, lotion, neosporin, and all kinds of stuff to keep it good but nothing worked. then i noticed it starting on the other side. I am not gonna deal with this thus i beg my uncle to just prescribe me something. and him being the great uncle he is he did. Lets hope it works if not i will soon resort to having a bag over my head at work until this strange frickin ugly thing decided to leave my face... It better not Scar or i will be pissed. I have had awesome complexion my entire life and I will be furious if i get some nasty freakin scars just because my body can't handle stress... Oh the frustrations of life!!!