Saturday, October 11, 2014

Is it Really FALL?!

It's Fall... I can't seem to face the facts of how fast life goes the older you get. It's already October of 2014 which means the year is more than almost over and I can't really think of where it went? I have a new job and just since February alone Jaran and I have moved 3 times! (hopefully we'll stay where we are for a while!) I work at the local hospital and absolutely love it! It's not like I'm a nurse or a Doctor or anything but I work in the admitting and without me, nothing else could get done :P

Did I mention that My one year Anniversary has come and gone??? We even forgot to eat our cake top hahaha Jaran and I took a trip down to UT and ate at Tacano's Brazilian Restaurant and then took a drive down to BEAUTIFUL Park City. Have you ever seen Park City, UT in the fall?! It's amazing! all the Colors from the Leaves Changing! It's AWESOME! Here's a little eye candy for you....

I've also become rather crafty this fall... not only am I in the process of decorating our living room (pictures when its done) I also had Jaran make this awesome "FALL" Wreath-ish thang ;)
yeah, yeah.. it's pretty simple, and I'll admit that Jaran did all the hard work with the wood and what not, but I saw it in pinterest and made my own variation... I like to pretend I have some talent in my pinky.... Okay that's My update.. Lucky you....