Friday, April 8, 2011


So If someone was to ask me "Hey hows life?" for the past few weeks Ive been able to say "Good, Just workin, the usual." they would come back with "Oh thats good, anything new or exciting?" I would reply "No, not really." thus ending probably the most boring conversation, making me seem like the most boring person in the world.


I dare you to ask me what I'm going to be up to...

(Insert question here)


April 11th= TRAPEZE CLASS! Heck yes you read that right! and yes when i say Trapeze i mean Cirque Du Solei KIND!

April 15th-17th- I'm Going home! (as stated in a previous Blog)

April 22nd-24th- A Free Weekend but definitely not a boring one, it being my friend Becky's Birthday and ALL! :)

April 29th-May 1st- LAS VEGAS BABY!!! WOOT! NOT ONLY am I going to Vegas, but I am ALSO going to see John Mayer and Keith Urban. YEAH Buddy!!!


May... So far as I can tell May will be another Chill Month.

WHICH will be necessary because JUNE! is going to be just as intense!

here goes June

June 3rd-5th- Lake Havasu (tentative)

June 10th-11th- Wedding #1 in Farmington for my beautiful Cousin Aslyn!

June 14th- My 23rd Birthday! YIKES!!!

June 17th-19- Wedding #2 My Best Friend Cherisa's WEDDING!!! :)

Then the last weekend in June has no plans.. HOWEVER, it being Summer and All I'm sure it will be another Fun filled weekend with my Favies!!!

(you know who you are!)


Joe & Tanith Applegate said...

yes i know who i of your favies :) ha! and you do have something in may! stevie and kenzs graduations!! :)

Aubry June said...

Oh Tannie you are right! yay for may!... except it makes me feel oh so very old. LOL