Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One Year ago... LOL

Its AMAZING how things change in one simple year...One year changed My life and the life of my family to the fullest!. One year ago I was still going to EAC. One year ago I had black hair with purple Streaks. (awesome by the way!) One year ago i had NO CLUE what I wanted to have as a career in my life. One year ago I was still driving like a maniac in my RED (cursed color) Ford Escape. One year ago I wasn't an Aunt (Oh wait THAT HASN'T CHANGED!!!! LISETTE) One year ago I was well on my way to becoming a professional student. One year ago I was NOT who I am Today. Who am I today you ask??.... I have No clue. But frankly i don't think any of us will ever know who we truly are until we are returned into God's hands. Until then we are all going to constantly change, not just physically but mentally and spiritually. So I guess I have just faced the fact that I will never stop changing my mind on things, I will never be fully content with life, and I will never have the answers to any of my random questions while I am on this earth. So I am now going to say that I HOPE to CHANGE this year for the better. THIS YEAR.. I HOPE to GRADUATE! :) In October, that is of coarse if everything goes as planned. But then again does Life EVER go as planned? I think NOT! Like seriously Did my mom plan to have pneumonia and eventually be sent to the Hospital all summer to eventually have her legs amputated? yea that would be a NO! did I plan to live in Farmington NM last fall... NO, but from those sad things that has happened in ONLY ONE YEAR, So many memories and other experiences came out of it. With just one sudden change of plans the ENTIRE was thrown through one heck of a loop! and although those trails are far from being over and probably never will be I learned so many lessons that weirdly I know it was planned by somebody( that somebody being the Big Guy Upstairs) but yeah i basically just thought about how much life has changed in just ONE YEAR.... yeash! One year ago, seems like another Life ago. Long Long ago. BUT I am not going to sit and dwell on where my life COULD have been or where my Life SHOULD be, because what a waste of Life! Dwelling on the negatives. So much sadness and heartbreak in the world there really is no point in dwelling on it. You gotta move on and move up do what makes you happy and BE HAPPY even if you are just pretending at the time. One day you will wake up and realize that through all the pretend happiness you found true happiness. and that is what I felt like saying tonight. Now I shall go and do the anatomy HW that is next to me that I chose to ignore while i wrote out this blog... YAY ME! HAPPY!!! :) I'll Be Seeing You.. DOLLFACES!

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