Saturday, January 23, 2010

School UPDATE!

Okay! So this is going to be my third week of Massage Therapy school and I have already learned more than i have ever before! lol It is a fast-paced and quick learning! Anatomy is definitely the hardest part so far and I am anxious to learn more! We have started to learn how to feel the different muscles and understand how they work and the different areas they affect. We are also learning the professional and the business side of Massage Therapy! How to handle uncomfortable situations and worst case scenarios. I love the idea of helping others and giving them the opportunity to relax and relieve stress. Just to get away from the real world for an hour is a hard thing to do and in 9 months I will be able to do that for people. I like all the people in my class and am forming friendships, its crazy the diverse people that have the same plan in life as you do. So for I am focusing on the Spa side of Massage therapy but would also like to look into the medical side of helping people who have to go to physical therapy and such. so yeah that's whats going on with school! Oh and it helps that I get to have massages in school! ;)

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