Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I work with TONS of different clients, different types of people come in and MOST of the time I am a super happy, helpful person. But I was just irked. Not to an extreme level because I still have the ability to type this without misspelling words. HOWEVER. A gentlemen comes in today. He mumbles something about doing something with a printer. So I say, "okay, do you have a company name, or a persons name I can contact for you?"
He says "No, I'm here."
I say " Yes sir, you are but this is executive suites and so I'm not sure which company you're looking for."
He Says *insert eye rolling* "let me look it up"..... "V--N" (Company name has been blocked)
I say " Okay let me call them and I'll let them know you're here, Whats YOUR company name again?"
Now instead of just telling me his company name he points to his shirt with an incredibly small logo on it (like I'm supposed to be able to read what its says while being distracted by his incredibly abnormal man boobs.)
So then, I asked him what he was here to do for them, and he says *insert eye rolling* "I said I'm here to program a pick up printer and...  Yaddy yadda yadda computer lingo"
I say "They'll be right with you, you can go ahead and have a seat."
But does he graciously take a seat? NO! He annoyingly stands there staring at me and my desk. CLEARLY I was done socializing with him. And then when my client comes to retrieve this gentleman he waves the man back and the gentleman looks at me and says "Is that the guy?"
and I say "Yup, he's signaling you" .. Considering he was the ONLY person in the reception area.... he definitely wasn't flapping his arms at me... (okay I didn't say the last part, but I wanted to.)
Anyways How annoying and rude can people be?!
BUT, then I try and remember he was probably just having a bad morning and my sauciness is not going to make either one of us any happier... so I decided to blog about it and get it out of my day. :)
Happy Tuesday!

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Joe & Tanith Applegate said...

hahaha love and miss you too much