Monday, May 17, 2010

Glee Concert!

As many of you know I am full obsessed with Glee. And I was able to go to the Glee Live concert this past weekend... BE JEALOUS! lol it was pretty much amazing. I think every single vocalist on the show is simply amazing, but of coarse Lea Michele AKA Rachel Berry is pretty much has the most amazing voice I have had the HONOR of hearing live! Now since there is simply no contest between the girls against Rachel I will move on to my favorite discussion of the Boys. Now I think that it is practically amazing that Kurt is able to sing as high as he does. And Arty is just simply awesome also! But the real battle is between Finn and Puck. Now because I believe that both of these boys have equally beautiful voices I will now discuss their characters on the show. Now Finn is easily the boy that I would go for in "real life" he is sweet, funny, cute, and an awesome singer. BUT my not so secret obsession with Puck has grown even more since I have seen him LITERALLY maybe 7 feet away from me ( he came down in the audience) anyways his cocky attitude, paired with his crooked smile is enough to make any sensible girl swoon. And then there is the Mohawk. Normally I would not be attracted to a boy with a Mohawk, BUT Pucks' simply tops off his total "bad-ass-ness" lol he is officially "number WA-" on my list.

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