Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to Ask a Girl on a Date...

So. Lately I have been annoyed with some boys ways of asking girls out. So here goes my little rant.
P.S. Look how easy it is for the little ones! :)

NUMBER 1: If you like a girl... SHOW HER! HOLY HELL SOMETHING! Texting and Facebook are not enough. SHOW HER!  NO GIRL is going to put herself out there unless she has at least a small idea of whats going on inside your head.(okay some girls will, but some of us have Pride.) P.S. If a girl does CLEARLY put herself out there to you.... GIVE HER SOMETHING BACK!!!! SOMETHING!

NUMBER 2: When trying to talk to a girl..... don't constantly talk about yourself. Yes we're interested in you but we also want You to be interested in Us... it's not a one person show.

NUMBER 3: When asking a girl out, you do NOT start out with "Hey, what are you doing tonight?" because she is going to tell you her plans. first of all if you're asking to hang out on the same day, you deserve to be turned down due to other plans. Do not proceed to try and change their mind and change their plans to hang out with you. Do Not tell them that their plans sound "boring" or anything a long the lines of " you should just ditch them and hang out with me." No mature girl in her right mind is going to ditch her friends/family that asked her first. It's called Etiquette.

NUMBER 4: here is what you SHOULD DO! Call a girl at least 3 days in advance (2 is the minimum) Ask her if she'd like to go with you to This place, At This time, on This Day. ITS NOT THAT HARD. You make up the date. You're the boy. That's you're JOB! Once a girl see's that you've actually put some thought into asking her she will immediately say yes, unless she already have plans. in that case she will most likely try and find a day that works well for BOTH of you. Go ahead and Compromise it shows sooo much character when a boy is willing to budge on his oh so Busy schedule to make things easier for you.

NUMBER 5: I understand that sometimes you live far away from people and it can be difficult to get together. HOWEVER. If you are a true gentlemen you will offer to go to HER. Most girls will take into consideration that it may be a far drive and offer to meet halfway somewhere... once again this is where compromise comes in. (1st of all on a first date the boy should pick up even if she offers to meet.. FYI)
If you do decide to meet somewhere.. ask her where she would like to meet first, if she says the classic "oh i don't care you chose line" you pick somewhere closer to her, try and make it something she would know.. like a mall, or Target... If she indeed does tell you somewhere to meet... DO NOT try and get her to meet somewhere else because its more convenient for you. Remember Your the one asking her.

There you have it my little Tiny Venting session on my experience with the mail species being unable to ask a girl on a date.. Its not that hard. Most girls these days are just waiting to be asked. and Boy's these days seem unable to get the balls and JUST DO IT!... Sheesh!

UPDATE: Once upon a time I pulled this post. But Now I'm going to RE-POST it due to the fact that Recently someone has done everything that I've asked when asking a girl (aka me) on a date :)

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