Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Been too Long...

SO It has been WAY too long since I have UPDATED! mainly becuase I really have nothing important going on in my life sooo here are some lil fun facts for ya'll about my last week.

I got a bruise. Yeah I got it last Wednesday. Here it is a week and 2 days later and still there.... Lets just say my cousin Brianna's Husband Lance PINCHED me for no reason and left this lil joy on my arm. I've had people asking me ALL week how I got it.. How do you explain something like "My cousins Husband Pinched me... "???

Also  BUG bites. I have HORRIBLE bug bites on my leg. One on my calf, another on my knee, and this HUGE one, (the size of my palm) on my thigh. Its only gotten bigger because my work pants rub on it and irritate it. Doesn't help that I refuse to spend money on stupid things such as anti-itch cream. le sigh.

GUESS WHAT I FOUND?!!!! Jem and the Holograms plays on "The Hub" every saturday at 10 a.m. why yes I do plan on receording every single episode. I told rachel that If there is a strange looking 80's cartoon on the DVR its mine and I know its weird but I MUST have them! :)

ALSO I found the OLD "March of the Toy Soldiers" on Amazon and got it in the mail just a few days ago. Sheer joy and delight. My sisters, cousins and I used to watch this movie all teh time. It was soo old and the boogie men were actually kind of scary. For some reason I thought Tom Tom was SOOO hot... (he is still OLD Classic movie attractive) so anyways I've been watching it before bed the last few night and its still as great as I remember!!! the 2 brothers are HILARIOUS!! :)

Also. Once upon a time My BFFF Meredith and I were at a church fireside. (shocking! I know) and we were very... how should I say. Distracted/Bored/Hyper? all three seem to fit nicely. so we started looking around the chapel and found that on the ceiling there were random red lights shining. Meredith and I came to the conclusion that they were Demon Fairies. For some reason we both were laughing soooo hard at this idea that we finally had to leave the chapel because we were counting them and being very distracting... SO last night I was at the theater and I say one of these Demon Fairies and decided that It was one of my favorite memories and thought I should share it. :) DEMON FAIRIES!!

I have the Best roommate/ BEST FRIEND in the world. Don't know what I would do without Rachel. Well First of all, Bills wouldn't get paid, My hair would be a horrible mousey brown color, I'd still have a mustache, I wouldn't have a Family away from my Real Family in AZ, I wouldn't get to pretend that her Neices and Nephews were MINE, I wouldn't have anyone to constantly point out the weird things I do/say, but most of ALL I wouldn't have the Funniest Best Friend to make me laugh and tell me to buck up and pull me out of my ruts. :) :) :) LOVE YOU RACHEL!!!.... P.S. Isn't that picture Priceless! :)

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