Thursday, June 16, 2011

Is it that Obvious?

So today I was rushed for time while getting ready for work. I had to finish packing for my flight back home, and get ready for work. So I did a quick get ready. I did everything the same except I didnt put on as much eyeliner, or as much "warmth" (you bareminerals people know what i'm talking about.) I didn't think i looked deathly. I also didn't do my hair. I poofed it and put it in a side braid and called it good. *SIDENOTE thats actually more than what i usually do with my hair. normally I just leave it curly for 3 days, no one has to know its the same curls.


(look at this cute tired kitty!!! :)

So then I got dressed. I realized I didnt feel like REALLY trying so I just put on a purple tank and my silver/black flats. I keep my work jackets in my car because Its too damn hot to wear them except when I MUST! So anyways I get to work and realize that I'm wearring silver shoes, with my black jacket with GOLD cuffs... and i thought, MEH it doesnt matter that much. then later on in the day i go to the bathrooma dn actually look at myself. My poof is lopsided, the gold and silver DOES look that bad, and I look like I haven't slept for days. Partly true, but seriuosly pale face? not only do I notice that i look like poo, my boss comes in and the first thing she says to me is " You're looking exceptionally pale today" the only thing I can think of to say is " It's THAT Obvious huh?" hahahahaha
SO yeah clearly I wasn't "just being hard on myself".. I really do look that bad. Oh these are the days.

got me the absolute best birthday gift. She got me SATURDAYS WARRIOR. on DVD.. AAAAND it came with the CD. What more could a girl ask for?! I listened to the cd twice on my way to work. I am happier than anything.


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