Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear You...

Dear You,
No, You don't know who you are, no I will probably never tell you who you are, but I just wanted to tell the infinite no one here on the Internet that YOU!, YES YOU! are such a disappointment in my life. Call me a fool maybe for thinking Anything might happen but sheesh you don't tell a girl the things you told me and then not expect her to think she stands a chance. I mean really?! Oh and for your information MY personal Level of Spirituality has absolutely NOTHING to do with you. so please you don't need to ask people about me, you don't need to hint to people that you think I am headed down the "Wrong" path. I certainly will no longer be asking about you. You can stop looking at my photos on Facebook if you find them so "Inappropriate" I didn't know that you had never been to a beach before and seen people in swimsuits. (sarcasm intended) Fact is I am happy with who I am, I don't feel I need to overcompensate, or PROVE my "character" I'm Fine with me and I'm good at being me. But who are you? do you even remember anymore? Because I sure don't. But best of luck. you seem to be fine so what am I complaining about? who knows? this is just a little ranting that gets to go into the abyss of the Internet never read, just an account of my random babbling in MY RANDOM LIFE.
XOXO--- Me.


Tanith said...

do we need to talk?? lol

Aubry June said...

LOL no no I'm fine I had a nice little rant on the internet and now I supurb! LOL i looove you tannie!