Monday, January 30, 2012


My whole life I have been told that IF I keep the Lords commandments and uphold to the Gospel Principals I will be blessed. For a long time I had an attitude of "I'm not killing anyone, I'm not stealing, therefore I'm doing whats right".Right?....... So I went through out my life and naturally because the Lord loves us all I felt the occasional blessing fall on my head. HOWEVER I had an AH-HA moment just yesterday. I started thinking about how my life was going and how I was so much happier, when I thought "So THIS is what they are talking about when they say 'You will be exceedingly blessed'." So not going into lots of detail on this lil epiphany of mine I got VERY exciting news from my Bishop yesterday (this news was given to me 2 weeks EARLY!) and It made me EXCEEDINGLY JOYFUL. (just thought I'd throw in some Church-y Lingo) I am fully on a track in life that I WANT to be heading on AND The Lord has seen all the great strides I have made. I'm so happy! JUST HAPPY! Wooo HOO!! HAPPY!!! :) JOY! DELIGHT! Everyone needs to get in on this "Joy-ride" because once you make that conscious decision, you will NEVER look back! :)---- JUST JOY.
(* On a side note, the Lord also taught me a lesson this weekend about standing in Holy places, and that where the Holy Ghost cannot enter, neither should I. Worst time ever.)


The Spencer's said...

I love that you are happy and blessed!!!!! love you!!!!!!!

Rachel said...

=D <-------------- That's my EXCEEDINGLY HAPPY FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you.

Joe & Tanith Applegate said...

yayayayayyayaayyaayay!!!! :))