Friday, March 4, 2011

My Sisters!

So I have 2 sisters. OR should I say I have the BEST 2 sisters in the world. Yea that about covers it. Let me describe my older sister first.

She is 2 years older than me and for my whole life I've wanted to be just like her. No joke. Everyone see's how much I poke fun at her and call her a "child" but in the end I am sooo jealous of the ridiculous amount of kindness that pours out of my older sister. I honestly don't think I've ever heard a REAL mean thing come out of her mouth. Oh sure she "gets annoyed" at people but even when people are down right EVIL to my older she is still nothing but kind to them. It blows me away. I've always wanted to be kind and nice like that but there is something in me that just won't let me. Who knows maybe I have a small lil demon called "Impatience" or "Frustration" in me but I will never be as calm and sweet as my older sister. That said... SHE IS A NUT JOB! :) I've never met a weirder girl in my entire life. Growing up she used to play with ants, and collect bugs and lizard Skeletons. (that's right folks I said skeletons, she had a dead lizard carcass in her closet for YEARS )She was the girl that collected rocks and literally CRIED when I stepped on a bunch of ants (which I used to do on purpose) She is also the sister that STILL watches cartoons, and is on Expert at Guitar Hero and can play Halo better than most boys. Her friends in high school were (No offense to Setty's Friends) "Nerdy Boys" She is my sister that Draws soooo good!! She is seriously an amazing artist (a talent passed on by my mom... CLEARLY not my father :P) I tell my sister constantly to draw comics because her sense of humor is out of this world and her lil characters are hilarious!!! Did I mention that she is GORGEOUS! that's right! a Gorgeous Nerd! :) she has her own sense of style that is absolutely perfect for her mini body. and when I say Mini body folks I'm not talking about like oh she's skinny. NO NO she is quite literally a fully proportionate mini person, with the exception of her boobs which are HUGE compared to her lil body. Size ZERO folks with Size C boobs?! WTF MATE! anyways size 5 1/2 shoes and extra small butt. She is adorable. I totally just blasted her out there but for all you perv's she's married! :) so anyways yeah My older sister is one kick ass girl and as much as I wish I could be her she is way too unique and too awesome to duplicate. Another fun fact about my older sister is that she can't Cuss.. Not that she isn't CAPABLE of cussing it just sounds sooo funny when she does. I mean we practically kill over laughing every time the simplest curse word comes out of her mouth because it just doesn't sound right! HA :) I LOVES HER. Oh and she has no volume control. When we are in a store or anywhere I basically want to cut her mouth out because she has absolutely NO use of "inside voices" Its weird that such a loud mouth can come out of such a little SHY person!! HA

**** anything I am saying right now I would say straight to my sister's face so I do not see it as anything bad these are all qualities that I love in my sister's and would never ever want to change either of them. They are perfect in my eyes! :)

OH STEVIE what to say about that one :) She is the little brother I prayed for but never got! She is my only blonder haired blue eyed sister (though she chooses to be a brunette(copy cat)), She is shorter like Setty but has a lil more meat to her bones like I do, prolly due to dance. She is one SPICY lil dancer! :) She has so much attitude on the dance floor and she is THE funnest girl to watch! She enjoys dancing soo much you can feel her energy! :) That said Stevie and I went through some rough years. For you see.. I had a good 5 years of being the youngest before she came along and she was supposed to be a boy so that I could still be the lil girl! but alas out she came missing a very important appendage making her a girl :P Thus she became my little annoyance. Wanting to do everything Setty and I did, wanting to play barbies, wear MY clothes, hang out with MY friends. Needless to say I, who was very good at playing the mean big sister role, was annoyed. Not that I didn't love my lil sister Oh no I LOVED her to death! I think I was maybe a lil jealous of how absolutely gorgeous she was and that she had such a unique look as one of the daughters in our family. So anyways she was my wanna be tomboy lil sister she tried with all her might to be as gross as possible and it worked, WARNING my lil sister can burp LOUDER than 90% of boys that I've met. No joke. I think it was her 7th grade year, Setty and I decided that it was time for Stevie to look like a girl. So WE GAVE HER Highlights. then she started to make sure that we liked what clothes our mom bought her and I made sure she didn't look like a tramp when wearing make up. I think it was her 8th grade year she finally let us pluck her eyebrows so by the time she was a freshman she didn't have to go through the awkward "I'm Ugly in High school" phase that both Lisette and I still have nightmares about :) Then we realized.. OH NO we had created a monster.. she was gorgeous! (still is) she had long blond hair and a rocking body from dance! can you say MAN EATER! :) not only is she beautiful but she is funny as crap too... Once She got over her "I HATE AUBRY" stage and I was mature enough to handle having a lil sister she and I have discovered that we are more alike than we think. Seriously we don't look alike contrary to EVERY ONE'S BELIEF. She and I still stand on the fact that we DO NOT look alike. With that said we are sooo alike in our personalities its actually scary. Stevie is one of the few that can catch me and shut me up.. a talent I regrettably passed on to her. She is my lil sister that I look up to. She doesn't care what anyone thinks of her but she also has the a kind heart. She is sensitive in ways that I don't understand but yet the MOST hard headed girl I have ever met. And her emotions Baffle me. BUT that could be because I have no emotions besides anger and frustration. Those are my 2 emotions. HA. anyways. She basically rocks and I love her more than anything.

My life would be absolutely nothing without my 2 sisters that made growing up basically amazing. I would do ANYTHING for my 2 sisters. And when I say anything I mean the kind of anything where if you mess with them and I find out who you are I will hunt you down and make such pain in your life you will wish that you had never messed with me or my family. (Scary enough?) HAHA My sisters are wonderful. I don't know what I would do without the random doodles from Setty and the sarcastic comments from Stevie to keep me on my toes. My family has been through a rough couple of years but knowing that I had them both by my side made it bearable. I LOVE THEM! :) So here's to another SAPPY post about my family. But seriously they are what makes me who I am today I wouldn't change either of them for ANYTHING! :)


Ree and G said...

I just have to say that ALL the Holgate girls have loud mouths! LOL! -This coming from the Stradling house- LOL
I LOVE this post and I LOVE my lil Holgate cuzzies!
Auby Junebug, You are the funnest person I know and GORGEOUS to boot... sigh... LAVA you! :) -Ranny

Aubry June said...

Thanks Ranny! i loves you oober amounts! :)