Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Stings of being an Adult...

I'm going home this weekend to visit my family. I am SO excited! I haven't been home in almost 2 months. Thats a really long time for me!!! As I am talking to my mom today she is telling me that someone will be staying at my house this weekend. (Long Story Short: She is a new lady that works with my dad and hasn't found a place to live yet so she stays with us on the weekends that she works.... I'm convinced that this is a very strange thing and needs to be corrected immediately.. apparently my parents think its normal... weirdo's.) ANYWAYS I causually asked which room she was going to be staying in.... and all of a sudden my mother tell me of all these GRAND things she has done to my house. (yes, MY house) She moved all of my older sisters old furniture into my little sisters old room and made it into a guest room and turned my older sisters room into a "sewing room" BAH! So through most of all my mothers house changing things my room has usually gone untouched. Yes, Stevie was gone less than a month and my mom had the entire room re-done and everything.. muahahah but me I've been gone for almost 5 years now and my room has not been disturbed. You may be wondering why, well in order for me to tell you I shall have to go back in time a little bit... PICTURE THIS:
I am a quirky, spaztic, hyper little 12ish year old girl and I want to re-do my room... PINK! HOT PINK! and me being the rather "convincing" thing I am.. I get to do it.. so my room is light pink on top and HOT PINK on bottom... its beautiful if you can imagine ;) anyways my mother is a huge barbie collector. Her ENTIRE top of her closet is full of barbies, and so is all me and my sisters closets. This works because my room has always been "The Barbie room" thus it usually was untouched and yes it is still pink and everything. I love going home and looking at my room. It pretty much looks the exact same way it did in High school minus the fact that there is now a beat up old treadmill and a few things that dont belong me. ALL my prom and homecoming dresses are in the closet along with my sisters, my old easy bake oven, and pictures and memories GALORE! I refused to let my mother throw my stuff away without me being there becuase "IT ALL HAS MEANING!" or so I like to think. Yes, I even have my corsages from highschool. My room is a shrine to everything that I miss about life, the simplicity. all the different things I used to do in my room while I was by myself, pretend like I was a secretary at my desk, spend entire summers reading or play "The Sims" (there's just something about being able to control other peoples lives) Sometimes I would get so caught up in my room during the summer my mother wouldn't see me unless I was getting food out of the kitchen, So anyways back to the point of this post. THEN CAME HORROR!
I can't stay in my own room this weekend becuase it doesn't have a DAMN BED!? No bed?! where in the crap am I supposed to stay? Then she tells me that she moved the bed into the "sewing" room. WHY?! there is not reason for that! I told her I insist that she move it back into my room and she dared to laugh at me and say "yeah, me and my nubbies will get right on that" I told her "oh sure, make me feel bad because YOU have NO LEGS!" ahah rude!! (this is a common fight and I always tell her she can't use that as an excuse its just not healthy : P) So anyways I've finally felt the sting of being an adult and realizing that I will NEVER move back home, and that my room is no longer MY ROOM it is NOW and soon to be my mothers barbie room and I won't get to sleep there anymore! What kind of heartless mother rips out someones entire childhood with one gesture such as pointlessly removing a bed? I'll tell you who. MINE! Anyways don't ask me why I'm so upset about this. Maybe its becuase my parents have also made side comments about moving and I basically will have a heart attack if they EVER move out of MY house! I don't want to come visit them in some random house I want to visit them in MY house. SHEESH! is it too much to ask for them to just stay put and be satisfied?! anyways my house is gorgeous! SEE ABOVE!!!(My rooms the one with the three windows) :) :) :) Can't wait to go home, EVEN IF I CAN'T SLEEP IN MY ROOM! RUDE!

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Rachel said...

haha you know I feel your pain on this one!!! Pretty house! LOVE YOU!