Tuesday, March 9, 2010

P90X Workout... O yeah its really happening!

All Right folks! So My friend Meredith and I have made a bucket list! (no worries once we Finalize the list i will blog about it!) but one of the things on the list is to complete The P90X Workout videos in the 90 days! so we started yesterday. Yesterday we started with the AB Ripper.... i can describe it in one word.. INTENSE! but full filling! today was arms and legs.. we didn't have a bar for pull ups so we did mostly legs but we did push ups. So anyways i need something to keep me committed... and that would be this blog! lol I will randomly blog about it and share my experience. As some of you know Meredith nanny's for her brother's 7 month old daughter. Since it was obviously pretty boring after a while to watch us work out while we did wall sits i sat her on my lap... Not the smartest idea... its crazy how even a little bit of weight can make something ten times harder. lol but yeah i am fully enjoying it so far and intend to be just as ripped as the lady in this photo... jk I don't wanna look like that but i am gonna have some pretty amazing abs again folks! lol so ya P90X=INTENSE! but We WILL complete this goal! 2 days down 88 to go! :)

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