Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Guilty Pleasure..

I have found a new obsession.. it is something that I feel I almost relate to and yet I'm so past that stage in my life its almost crazy how old I'm getting... What is this guilty pleasure you ask.. aaah it is s story of Love, Good vs. Evil, and above all.. High school.. yup you guessed it its a TV show.. not only is it a TV show but it is also a Fake Reality show which is definitely the best kind of fake reality shows.. Anyways I think I have built up the suspense enough... the show is called.... Drum roll please.. My Life As Liz!

It's True! I fully love it! I love how it is all planned out and yet how intrigued I am to see what happens.. it started out explaining to us why Liz is considered a loser, your classic "I was once a mean girl that was back stabbed so now I'm the loser nice girl." story! CLASSIC! :) I think everyone likes the nice girl. You are scared of the mean girl so you try and stay out of the way and not step on any toes and if you're lucky you won't even be noticed in high school. But as Liz tries to point out in her show why should we all let the typical stereotypes keep happening? Who knows I'm out of high school and I have found that it really doesn't matter who you were in high school, colleges and employers don't care.... UNLESS you move to an even smaller town than where you came from... Alas I have also experienced this.. but we can save that for another time ;)

But what I'm trying to say is that my older sister Lisette reminds me a lot of Liz.... NOT saying that my sister was a loser in high school or anything in that manner.. but just Liz's all around ideas on thing and who Liz's friends are in the show.. actually there are a lot of similarities but we won't get into detail.. basically all I'm Ranting and raving about is that I love this show and I fully enjoy it! I keep wondering why it is so hard for Liz and Bryson to tell each other that they like each other.. and now they are both planning on going different places... AAH the tragedy of long distance.. little bit of advice Liz Go with Bryson.. total cutie and Sweetheart.... THERE BETTER BE A 2ND SEASON!!
So Anyways I fully encourage those of you interested to watch MTV's My Life As Liz- It is my guilty pleasure and I find myself obsessed! xOxO Dollfaces!

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