Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm Rolling... Still Rolling...

So a few weekends ago as I was heading home on a cursed weekend and a weekend I hate more than anything (Singles Awareness Day weekend, or as you saps would call it "Valentine's Day Weekend) I suddenly and randomly lost control of my beautiful, wonderful, reliable favorite car... My wonderful RED Escape. I bold the word "red" because actually my family has a thing with red cars being cursed.. we had a RED station wagon when I was younger that consistently was wrecked.. then we had a RED minivan thing that actually rolled backwards while i was still in the car... after that we didn't have any red cars and did pretty good with no severe wrecks... then came my wreck. So anyways.. I lost control of my car and over corrected and... Rolled its about 2.5 times. LUCKILY I ALWAYS WEAR MY SEAT BELT. The seat belt was a total life saver. So the car landed on its side with the passenger side down and me suspended in the air. When i finally got unbuckled i crawled out of my sunroof with only a few scratches on my arm and a couple bumps on my head. I silently Thanked the Lord for the blessings that he gave me. Once I realized that i was alive, and my car was dead i looked around, saw that a whole bunch of people had stopped and were calling the cops for me. The guy that had called the cops had requested an ambulance because he was sure that i was severely injured. After a trucker stopped and gave me a hug i looked around to see all my stuff scattered for about 20 feet.. covered in dirt. half my stuff was scattered over a barbed wire fence, while the rest of it was scattered everywhere else. so because i had nothing better to do i slowly started to gather my things... my clothes, underwear, and finding the matching pair to all 5 shoes i brought. as i was walking around in a shocked daze... i came upon a heap of broken plastic technology that turned out to be my beloved laptop... turns out it was crushed by my car.. so bad that the hard drive was not even save able... thus went about 4000 songs and more pictures than i would even be able to count. i sunk into a sudden depression at the loss of my pictures and music. 2 of the things that mean the most to me. then i realized.. i was alive and going t be just fine.. then i cheered up.
After talking to the cops, being checked out by the ambulance, and watching my car get flipped back over 1 very important thing had popped into my head.. MY MASSAGE TABLE i had BORROWED from the school was in the back... as it flipped over covered in dirt i gasped.. the tow truck guys must have though i was crazy because i made a huge fuss over it saying that it had to be okay.. it was. ANOTHER blessing from the Lord! :)

So as i took my first ride in the back of a cop car i came to 2 realizations... that cop cars had plastic seats in the back... and that i had no way to get home. So once the cop dropped me off at a Denny's for 3 hours to wait for my aunt and uncle to come pick me up, I realize i am covered head to toe in dirt and my hair is crooked and i look absolutely horrible.
so anyways lucky me I have an amazing uncle. He lets me live with them for free, eat with them, and now he lends me a truck to drive. He is totally awesome and i love him so much for it! :) I drive a Beast.. be careful.. he could eat you!!!

So basically, MORAL OF THE STORY. Count your Blessings, Wear your Seat belt, and be grateful to family that loves you! :)

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