Thursday, March 4, 2010

Everything's Better in AZ...

So Whitney and I were discussing yesterday about all the great things in AZ and we came up with a pretty awesome list! they are not in order from best to last best becuase they are all good BESTS! lol

Drive-in Movie Theaters!!!

Multiple Malls with all the stores you could ever need!!!

Tubing down the Salt River

Lakes (Nuff Said)

All the hiking, biking and outdoor fun you could ever wish for!



Ice Skating

Concerts and Shows

MULTIPLE College and career options all in one area!

Job opportunities


If you want snow... go to Flagstaff!

A Lot of Church Members!

TEMPLE and another one on the way!

Good, Better and More Restaurants

Lots of Gyms... not like I use them but a lot of people do :)

PALM TREE'S! (in the words of whitney) "Who doesn't love those!"

Closer to California and Vegas!

Closer to Mexico!

Still close enough to family!

better fruit

Now Granted these are not all the reasons they are simply the reasons that Whit and I came up with, Its fun to sit down and point out all the positive things in your life everyonce in a while and be grateful for where you are and all the opportunities we have! :)

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