Monday, February 24, 2014

Fun Snow Times...

That's Right! You read that title correctly. Fun and SNOW in the same sentance. This lil NM/AZ girl has really grown the past six months and I have even impressed myself.. Once I was Fully equipped with SNOW PANTS, SNOW BOOTS, and gloves, and waterproof coats, and all that good stuff, I was finally able to enjoy myself in the snow... Now... does that mean I LIKE to bundle up with 50 layers everytime I go out... no not at all.. BUT I'm used to it... its just something you do. Gotta Suck it up and live your life for fun ;)
Here's some pics of our fun ann My Idaho Life...
We chopped down our Very own Christmas Tree!

Jaran Scoped for Deer, While I took Pictures of the Sunset

Snow... Cold

Built a Snow-couple

Snowmobiling for the First Time!

My First Snow
Fun Story: So I got Jaran a GoPro for Christmas, This in turn brought on "Xtreme Tubing" 
Enjoy the Above Video.

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