Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pinterest Day- 1

So I'm going to start a new thing .... it's going to be called "Pinterest Day" (real original right?) Basically I'm going to upload pictures from my pins on Pinterest, Each one from a different Board.- 
* Note: Maybe eventually I'll "source the pins out" but until then if you want ti pin the actual pin.. you'll have to follow me on Pinterest and search the baord... because rankle I'm too Lazy to make each one a link.. K?
This Post comes from My Board.... "Things I Love"
Back before I was engaged or married I made a board.... I'm not gonna lie.. It was mostly wedding stuff.. but I didn't want to be that girl that had a "future wedding" board without a boyfriend or even hopes of one... 
And frankly I STILL Post wedding things because... I like Wedding's... So get over it ;)

Doesn't the detailing on this dress BLOW YOUR MIND?!


~I have Dreams or Creating Classy Cake Toppers and Selling them on ETSY~

I thought Libraries Like this only existed in a Castle France... and was under an Enchantment.. and Protected by a Beast..

If I Drank Wine I would guzzle 50 Bottles in order to create these candles...

Turquose/Teal with the Pop of the Magenta Orchid... Heaven.

< Favorite
FLOWER.... isn' that Pink just Divine?!>>

<<<PROVING that Dresses can Still be GORGEOUS and MODEST with sleeves.>>>

I Plan to have this as a painting somewhere in my house. The colors.

< weird
and creepy, Spray it white or Gold and its TOTALLY AWESOME!>>

You can steal cute things for your OWN WEDDING and NOBODY CARES because whoever actually did this first posted it on Pinterest and Therefore was begging to be copied. Just SAYIN'

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