Monday, February 10, 2014

What We've been doing since.....

Well, I guess first of all I need to start using "We" Instead of "I", This is a blog about Jaran and I BOTH, Even though he's never read a single post and didn't even know I had one until recently HAHAHA
Well.. I guess there's really not much we've done, but yet it's a lot to us ;)
We moved into our apartment in Rexburg Idaho, AAAND life began as a MARRIED couple (Insert Happy Face)
We had our ups and downs, Jaran discovered HE folds towels wrong(Among other things) ;) and I discovered I'm a little sensitive and dramatic (Shocking right LOL) HAHAHA I also discovered that I have a problem with assuming the worst. And I truly have always believed Jaran was too good to be true.. His timing in coming into my life was only too perfect...The way we 100% got each others humor, Too PERFECT, the way he always allowed me to be crazy and no matter how weird I was or irrational he let me talk it out and listened... TOO PERFECT.... I had a pessimistic attitude and I was always ready for the day he was going to break up with me..... He never did...then he proposed.... TOO PERFECT...... and I was even more of a psycho with Bridezilla tendencies and I KNEW.. he was finally going to get sick of me.... He didn't.... TOO PERFECT.... Now we're married and I am constantly trying to find his flaws to Prove my point.. that Jaran was too good to be true...Now... I have found a few "Flaws" but through out everything and all my worries... and insecurities Jaran will simply chuckle at me and tell me he loves me.... Too PERFECT :)

ANYWAYS... I've adjusted to my Idaho life and actually had some fun in the SNOW ;)
I've done A LOT of things I've never done before.... But that's for OTHER posts soon to come.

BASICALLY I love my husband and He isnt perfect, and neither am I.. but us together.... We're pretty close (CHEESEY!)
We Watched Jurassic Park ON THE BIG SCREEN at the Old Theater in Rexburg.

I experienced my first negative degree weather, and power outage. BRR.

Jaran and I baought or FIRST piece of furnature- Cute Right?!
We went to 4 different pumpkin carving parties

My first Idaho Snow.... I had no Idea what was coming...

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