Thursday, November 17, 2011

Yup... It's One of THOSE day's.

You just have to love her. She Knows. Haha
It's one of those day's that I really miss Home. Not just the house, or my family. Home itself. I miss how I feel when I'm back home in Farmington. The feeling that it never really changes too much and its FULL absolutely FULL of memories. I lived in Farmington for 18 years of my life. I had the best childhood with the best friends and cousins. I loved my high school and had more fun than you are supposed to. It's also around this time of year that I miss being in choir, Christmas music actually makes me kinda sad because I remember all the wonderful Christmas Concerts my choir gave. I miss life when it was simple and I knew that Thanksgiving meant that all of us cousins and family would get to have dinner together. I knew that I would get to see everyone like I always did. Now I'm lucky if I get to see some of my family once or twice a year. And It's not any ones fault. Things change, life happens, we all move away. I guess I am feeling that I took ALL my family for granted because they were so close and always accessible. But now I'm lucky if I get to see my own sister once or twice a year and my cousins even less. The Holidays make me very sad. I love ALL of my family so much and I wish we would all stay in contact better. I'm just as guilty and I know its a 2-way street. I just miss my ENTIRE Family During the Holidays.
I'm So excited to be seeing my Older sister for Thanksgiving! I can't hardly wait. I really wish she and I were closer together(distance-wise) She is someone that I have always looked up to. And I have missed her a lot recently. Can't wait! :)