Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I have Vowed to become "Crafty" like all the other blogs that I follow. I plan to make sure I have plenty of time to make pillows, and jewelry, and home decor. I just need to start. SO while I was working ridiculously hard at work (sarcasm) I decided to take a "break" and make something "crafty"

My only problem was that I was seriously lacking in the supplies department. I looked around and what did I have.

¬Paper clips.

So I decided to make Flowers. I watched some tutorials and looked at other people's pictures and VOILA! Made these pretty little duds.

Yes, I realize they are basically useless. Yes, I understand the fact that I probably end up just throwing them away. and YES, My boss did see them and wonder why she was paying me to sit here all day. (I'd like to know the same thing)
HOWEVER. I was crafty, and my coworker told me that she would bring me colored paper tomorrow. :) JOY!
That's it. That's my craft.
xoxo Aubs!

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Joe & Tanith Applegate said...

lol auby they are not useless as long as you had fun creating it haha thats how i feel about every other thing i make haha they are pertiful!